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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Current "Go To" Make Up Products

Products That I'm in LOVE with at the moment:

On days when I want light coverage, I reach my for Mark Speedway Do Everything Makeup stick.  It does a really nice job of concealing blemishes and evens out my skintone perfectly. This works great under the eyes too. I like how this doesn't cake up like some of the other concealers that I've tried (Maybelline Mineral Power Conealer *cough*cough*!).  This is nice and creamy, yet dries to a somewhat powdery finish.  Lasts all day, super easy to use, and super convenient to throw in your purse (or pocket!) on go.  This is perfect for traveling.  I'm amazed by this product, and it's been one of my "go to" products lately.  I can always count on this to do a great job at concealing. I've been reaching for this a lot lately.
Another foundation that I use when I want light/medium coverage is the NARS Sheer Glow.  I always go back to this foundation after trying others & being disappointed (this is my 3rd time going back to it!).  This foundation never disappoints me.  It still is the best foundation that I've found to be photographed in.  Still looks amazing and natural (like I have no foundation on) in photos.  Feels lights on the skin but gives decent (light/medium) coverage.  I wear this for special occasions or when I want my skin to look extra nice.  Because of the high price, this isn't one that I reach for every single day, but I will reach for this at least once a week.
On days when I want more than just light coverage, but I don't want full "flawless" coverage (when I'm running erands or going somewhere during the day), I have been reaching for Tarte Smooth Operator  a lot lately too.  I've been loving this tinted moisturizer.  It has SPF 20, which I love (believe it or not, my face got sunburned once this summer after not wearing any SPF & I don't want that to happen again).  I love how this doesn't feel too heavy or greasy like regular sunscreen.  It's not super sheer like a lot of tinted moisturizers that I've tried (Benefit You Rebel, Covergirl CG Smoothers TM, Mark Get A Tint).  This gives really nice, natural looking coverage, a bit more than you would expect from a tinted moisturizer, yet it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey.  My skin gets oily in the summer, and I've had no problem with this making my skin more oily.  I can always count on the Tarte Smooth Operator to protect my skin from the sun and to give me some nice coverage.
The last foundation that I've been reaching for lately for days when I want medium to full "flawless yet still natural looking" coverage is the Revlon Colorstay (Combo/Oily).  I can kick myself for not trying this sooner and for passing it up so many times that I've seen in in Walmart, Target, & Rite Aid.  I never thought twice to try this.  I thought it would be cakey.  Boy was I wrong.  This applies like a dream, without being cakey and covers so well.  I recently broke out with cystic acne on my chin (I usually get 1 or 2 cystic blemishes on my chin, but this time I have four.  Just as 2 were going away, 2 more came up right next to them. FML!).  This is the only thing that can coverage the blemishes on my chin (with a little help of MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder on top).  This claims to last up to 16 hrs.  I'm wearing it now and have had it on for 14.5 hours.  I wore this to work, and I even had it on when I went for my nightly walk (in the heat/humidity all day), and my face still looks as fresh as it did when I first applied this foundation this morning.  I still have the "flawless yet natural looking" coverage.  This really does last long.  This didn't feel uncomfortable in the heat mid-day like the MAC Pro Longwear foundation did.  I bet you this stuff can last well over 16 hours if you had it on that long.  (I'll be removing it from my face in a few minutes and calling it a night).

Those are the 4 foundations that I can count on.  They don't disappoint me.  They don't irritate my skin like other foundations have (especially the Laura Mercier TM & the Avon Magix Cashmere).  (My skin is quite sensitive).  I haven't fallen out of love with them like I have with other foundations (sorry MAC Face & Body).  These are 4 foundations that I can always go back too.

Two other face products that I've been reaching for ALL the time are the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy (GORGEOUS GORGEOUS shade of coral) and the Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer (received as a free sample from Tarte & I'm loving it!).  When I'm in a hurry or don't know what blush/bronzer to wear, I can always count on either of these two products.  They colors go with mostly anything.  I love how the Park Ave Princess adds a shimmery (but not glittery nor over the top) bronze glow to my cheeks.  I can just through it on and add some lip color & I'm good to go.  I'm such a sucker for coral/peach blushes.  This blush is beyond brilliant.  It's marketed as a long-lasting blush, and it lives up to it's name.  This lasts all day long.  I love layering Tipsy of MUFE HD Blush in #14.  It really makes the color "POP".  The Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is the best blush that I've tried so far (better than NARS or MAC).  I don't have a problem over-doing it like I do with most of the NARS blushes.  The texture is a lot nicer and smoother than the NARS or MAC blushes.  The Tarte blushes don't fade away throughout the day (even if your skin gets oily like mine does).  (I have the blush in Dollface as well.)  I love how the color is completely matte.  There's no annoying glitter whatsoever.

The one lip product that i can ALWAYS count on is the Tarte Lipsurgance Lipstain in Charmed (pink).  I am ALWAYS reaching for this lipstain.  It's super easy to apply (I literally apply it without looking in the mirror).  This lipstain is sooo moisturizing (& I have dry lips).  I love how smoothly it applies, and the pigmentation is great.  I purchased this last fall during Tarte's Friends & Family sale, and I still am using the same one.  It lasts long & in my opinion, it's totally worth the hefty pricetag (atleast to be because I use it all the time).  (I did get this 40% off though, but it retails for $24 a pop.)  I'd love to grab this in a different shade-- maybe a nude or peachy shade.

These are all of my current "go-to" products.  Just wanted to share them with you all. :)

*Remember, "high-end" & "expensive" doesn't always make a product better.*

(I wear Natural in Mark Foundations, Agent 12 in Tarte, Stromboli/Barcelona in NARS -- currently Stromboli, & 330 in Revlon Colorstay)

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