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Monday, June 27, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Vs Revlon Colorstay (Combo/Oily)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid- $26.50, MAC Stores & Dept Store Counters: Macys, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales
(I received my Studio Fix Fluid in a swap on Makeupalley.  I swapped my NARS Albatross highlighting powder for this product.)
Revlon Colorstay Foundation- approx. $9.99-$12.99 (price differs depending on where you shop & current deals) (drugstores & super centers (Walmart, Target, etc) )I paid $11.02 (price with 20% taken off with discount card) at Rite Aid drugstore.)  I recommend purchasing this at a drugstore where you can return the foundation if the color doesn't quite match.

Both: 1 fl oz
They are both good at controlling oil.
In my opinion, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid has a more natural finish.  If you're not careful, the Revlon Colorstay can be easily overdone.  The first time that I applied the Colorstay, I applied way too much and looked like I had foundation on (not a good look at all!).  The second time that I applied it, I used less, and it looked much better.  I find that you need to use less of the Colorstay, than if you use the Studio Fix, to achieve the same flawless, full coverage look.
I also find that sometimes the Colorstay can be difficult to blend because it dries quickly.  It takes some getting used to.  The Studio Fix Fluid is easier and smoother to blend.
When dried, these foundations both have the same matte finish.

The Revlon Colorstay is a really nice foundation and a cheaper alternative to the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and is very similar, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a "DUPE" because it's not exactly the same.

These are both nice foundations.  They both are good at controlling oil and are both long lasting.  They still look nice and fresh at the end of the day until they are taken off.

 Revlon Colorstay 350

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Review

Coverage: Medium/Full (Buildable)
Finish: Natural Matte Finish
Oil Free -- Claims To Last Up To 8 Hours -- Clams to Absorb & Disperse Oil (Does a great job of oil control.  I have to blot less with this on.)
"Contains specially treated micronized pigments & soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections."- AKA Flawless Finish
Price: $26.50 - 1 fl oz
Availability- MAC stores & dept store counters &

*My Opinion: Gives a nice flawless yet natural finish.  My skin is dry in the winter & oily in the summer.  Usually, depending on what foundation (or if I skip foundation) I use, I have to blot 3 times a day! With this (& the Revlon Colorstay as well) I had to blot less.  I blotted 1-2 times and used the same blotting paper each time.  There wasn't much oil on the sheet at all when I blotted.  That's definitely a plus (considering how that my blotting sheet is usually completely full).  This is pretty matte & is good at controlling oil (same at the Colorstay for Combo/Oily skin). In my personal opinion, I don't find this heavy or uncomfortable at all.  I can't even feel that I have this on, which is a huge plus.  It held up well today in the heat.  I didn't melt off or feel uncomfortable (a problem that I had with the MAC Pro Longwear & the MUFE HD foundations).  Many reviews have said that this is heavy coverage & that is feels heavy. I don't find it heavy at all, but maybe that's because of the way that I apply this.  I don't use much.  I apply a small amount (one small pump) to my forehead, cheeks, nose, & chin and blend with my fingers.  I've watched many gurus apply this with a foundation brush & really use ALOT (2-3 pumps).  This can be built up too which is a plus. Overall, it's a nice medium-full coverage foundation.  I recommend it for someone looking for medium/full natural yet flawless coverage that holds up well throughout the day and that doesn't feel heavy. *

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Current Skincare Routine

My skin was on the drier side in the fall/wintertime (cooler months).  Now that the weather has changed and it is hot & humid, my skin has changed.  It's combo/oily, but still sensitive.  I find myself having to blot 1-2 times a day (with Clean & Clear Blotting Sheets), depending on what foundation I use.  (The Revlon Colorstay leaves me nice & matte when I wear it.  I only have to blot once near the end of the day, if any.)  I'm still looking for a mattifying primer.

Here's my current skincare routine:

Mornings-- Usually wash my face with water (I do the 3 steps at night right before bed) or sometimes my cleanser.

At Night:
Step 1: Remove Makeup-- I usually use either MAC Cleanse Off Oil (works wonders) or Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes, whichever I have handy.  (I've been out of the wipes, so I've been using the Cleanse Off Oil.  Both of these work really well.  The Wipes are nice for when you are traveling.)
Step 3: Wash face with MARK That's Deep Cleanser -- This stuff does a really nice job at getting my face clean. I'm on my 2nd bottle of this.
Step 3: Treat/Prevent: I use Clean & Clear Astringent *Sensitive Skin* to treat blemishes as well as prevent blemishes.

I Currently do not moisturize.  I do wear SPF 45 on my days when I'm outside.  I haven't found the moisturizer that's been right for me in the summer.  In the winter, I did use Oil of Olay for sensitive skin (or target brand), and I tried Benefit's Triple Emulsion Lotion, which I really liked as well.

These 3 steps work well for me.  My skin is quite sensitive, and since this routine works well, I'll be sticking with it.

Avon/Mark Campaign 13 Haul

Items that I ended up with:
*Mark Aviator Shades
*Avon Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation- Pure Beige (I have the same shade in the Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation, and in that foundation, the Pure Beige is more yellow toned.  The Pure Beige in the Magix Foundation is a more true beige and slightly deeper.)
*Mark Get A Tint- Buff/Natural
*Mark Get A Tint Shimmer- *NEW* Buff/Natural
*Avon Super Shock Max Mascara- Black *NEW*
*Avon Ideal Shade Foundation Adjuster- Warm (for Med/Dark skintones)

Shop Campaign 14

Avon Super Shock Max Mascara *first impressions*

I just received my Avon/Mark Campaign 13 items in the mail today.  I actually didn't earn anything from this campaign, because I had spent so much. (*shame on me!*)  I am going to do some major cutting back in the upcoming campaigns so that I can actually make a profit.  But anyways, I decided to try Avon's brand new mascara that was in the Demo 15 book called Super Shock Max.  Avon already has Super Shock mascara, which has had excellent reviews.  My mom actually has it, and she has very fine, light lashes.  The Super Shock works wonders on her lashes.  They are so dark and long with the Super Shock--it's amazing!  The reason why I tried this wasn't because I needed another mascara (I'm already in love with Maybelline Great Lash in the pink tube).  It was because of the super low price.  I purchased it for around $2.36, and I couldn't pass that deal up.  Besides, I wanted to see what all the Super Shock hype was all about.  This is currently retailing for $5.99 in Campaign 15 (orders go in July 18), and it will be retailing for $9.00 after that.

First Impressions:  Nice, Trending Packaging-- Comes in an electric blue tube with silver letters. The tube is quite large, and it does have a large wand (similar to the DiorShow wand).  However, the bristles are not bulky or hard to work with (I was scared at first).  They have kind of like a zig-zag effect, and they are very fine.

*Love at First Try*-- I LOVE this mascara.  With one coat, my lashes are noticeably longer and have a nice curl to them.  They still look natural, but they make my eyes pop.  However, I applied another coat after the first coat had tried, and WHOA! My lashes where super dramatic-- in a GOOD way.  I'm pleasantly surprised. I love a nice curl to my lashes, and I like my lashes to be as long as possible (without having to use falsies).  With another coat, I think that I would have the false lash effect that I desire.  This completely trumps the Maybelline Falsies Mascara hands down.  & This is easier to apply than the DiorShow (which I used to swear by.  i think i only swore by it just to justify the price and because I had it in blue and the color payoff was great.).  I had no clumps or mess with this mascara and no trouble at all applying it.  *Mascara beginners-- This is great for you!!*I still love my Maybelline Great Lashes because I like the liquidy consistency, and how it's easy to build up.  However, I will definitely be using this one A LOT.  I'm really impressed by Avon.

*Highly recommend this mascara for a nice curled lash that holds up. I suggest that if interested, you purchased this during Campaign 15 while it is $5.99.  (We are still on C14 right now, but C15 brochures are currently available.)

A+ Product

Please Note-- This is not advertised as waterproof. Not sure if Avon will be releasing a waterproof version in the future.  (Currently selling Campaign 14 items, but contact me if you're interested in trying this! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combo/Oily) Review

(from left: 330 Natural Tan, 350 Rich Tan)

I've passed this foundation about a thousand or more times, every time I go to a Walmart, Target or drugstore, and it never caught my eye until now.  I've been reading and watching (youtube) A LOT of rave reviews on this products, and it looked so good in pictures, that I just HAD to try it.  I ran to my local Rite-Aid (about 5 minutes away) to grab this and see what all the hype was about.  The one reason why I don't usually buy drugstore foundations is because of the hard time that I have color matching myself.  However, I've been mismatched many times at counters (just was matched to NC35 in MAC Pro Longwear recently & it was WAYY too light, was matched too dark in a MAC foundation last time I was there!), I figured I can't do any worse than the MUA's that I've been to in the past.  I know my skin better than they do.  I picked this up in 330 tan, and I really liked it a lot.  I fell in love with this foundation.  Much to my surprise, it did not cake up at all, and I usually have a problem with foundations caking on my forehead or settling on my nose.  This applied so smoothly and flawless, I was really impressed.  I decided to go back the next day and grabbed this foundation in 350 to see how different the shades were because I've seen ladies with my same skintone who wear both shades.  I tried the 350, and I can honestly say, I don't really see much of a difference at all.  The 350 reminds me of the way that Barcelona looked in the NARS Sheer Glow, so I would say that if you wear Barcelona, 350 is going to be good for you with the similar undertones.  I wore this foundation two days in a row, and it did not irritate my skin (if my skin doesn't like something, it will react immediately in the morning, like it did with the Laura Mercier TM).  

                                                                     (350 Rich Tan)

This felt like I had nothing on my face, yet it gave a truly flawless finish.  The first day I wore this, I had a little too much on just because I over-applied.  The coverage is really great and a little goes such a long way.  Yesterday, I applied less, and it looked a lot better.  This is oil-free which is great, and this comes in a version of Combo/Oily and Combo/Dry, so make sure that you pay attention to which one you are picking up.  I choice Combo/Oily because in the summer my skin is on the oily side.  With the heat and humidity, I find myself having to blot around early afternoon (especially when I wear the MAC Face & Body without setting powder).  I did not get oily at all with this on, and I didn't have to blot once.  This claims to wear for up to 16 hours, and I can say, this lasted me all day long without fading off. I wore it for 13 hours and it was still going strong up until I washed my face.  I recommend removing this with make up remover before you cleanse your face, or else you won't be removing all of the foundation.  I use either MAC Cleanse Off Oil or Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes and then wash my face with my MAC That's Deep Cleanser.  All in all, I really love this foundation, and I wish I would have discovered this sooner.  That would have saved me from wasting money on high end foundations that I've not been pleased with.  If you want medium-full flawless coverage and don't want to break the bank, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest that you go to your local drugstore or supercenter to pick this up asap.  (I recommend a drugstore, like Ride-Aid or Walgreens, where you can return/exhange makeup if the color doesn't quite work out or if you don't like it.) You do not have to go high-end and spend big bucks on a flawless looking, long-lasting, light-weight foundation.  This was $12.99 at my local Rite Aid, and I got 20% off of that with my Rite-Aid Wellness Card.  Drugstores usually have sales and bogos on Revlon Products, so be sure to check the ads in your Sunday paper.  

Availability: 5 out of 5- Easily accessible at your local drugstores & super centers (Walmart, Target, K-Mart) A+ for  that!
Longevity: 5 out of 5- lasted all day long for me, until I removed it, without feeling heavy, melting off, or fading away. A+ for that too! (I've used MAC Pro Longwear, which claims to last the same amount of hours, but halfway through the day, it felt heavy & uncomfortable on my face & I did have to blot.)
Price: around the $10-$12.99 range (1 fl oz) depending where you purchased it.  I paid $11.02 for this at Ride Aid with my Wellness Card discount, which isn't too bad.  This has 1fl oz of product-  the same amount as NARS Sheer Glow, and I can get four for the Colorstays for only about 2 dollars more than one bottle of Sheer Glow costs.
Packaging: 2 out of 5- my only gripe is the packaging.  You have to pour this out because there is no pump, which means you have a good chance of wasting a lot of product. I wish this came with a pump, but because I like the product so much, I can deal with the poor packaging.

Final Grade: A+ For Flawless, Lightweight Coverage That Lasts All Day Long

 (330 Natural Tan)

(350 Rich Tan)