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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 2013 Favorites

covergirl lashblast 24hr mascara
revlon photoready airbrush foundation
vs pink sweet & flirty body spray
mark color me in eye pencil mint candy
mark color me in lip pencil honey dip

OOTD: Wed April 17, 2013

I usually go with a more casual look for work, but I decided to dress up a bit today.  I threw on some Kenneth Cole flats (I've had for years!) instead of the usual Coach tennis shoes.  The flats made my outfit dressier rather than if I would have worn the sneakers. 

Top- Express
High Waisted Millennium Pants- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Kenneth Cole 
Nail Polish- Avon

*Fashion Files: Aqua & Peplum Skirts*

Hello dolls!! I am going out of town (state technically) for the weekend to watch my little cousin perform in a high school production of Beauty & The Beast.  (She's 11 & still in elementary.  I believe she's a tea pot in the show.)  A musical is always an excuse to dress up, especially when I really get to dress up during the week (except for church on Sundays).  (Though we're not allowed to wear jeans to work, except on Fridays, we are constantly moving around & on our feet, so I usually stick of pants with dressy tennis shoes or flats.)  I love dresses & skirts, and I absolutely love the new peplum style that is all over the place this season (tops, skirts, dresses).  I also love that mint green & aqua/turquoise are especially hot this season, because they are my favorite colors & I love seeing them everywhere!
I was putting together outfit ideas on what to pack for my trip, and I put this one together.  (I still might end up in a mint green flowered tube dress from Rue21- not 100% sure yet.  This is just one of the ideas that I put together.

I got this peplum "brocade" skirt from  (I haven't had an occasion to wear it yet.) My top is from Rue21 at my local mall.   (I also have that same top in navy blue with white polka dots.  I've worn the polka dotted one more than the aqua though.)

                                 I also have matching Aqua shoes from Charlotte Russe. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Monday April 8,2013

Mint Madness!!

Green has always been my favorite color, and I've been LOVING Mint Green lately.  I was so excited to see that Mint Green is a hot color for Spring this year!  I've been seeing this mint/turquoise green EVERYWHERE, and I've been loving it.  About 90% of my current wardrobe is green stuff right now! (I know! I know! I need to add more color to my daily wardrobe, and I've honestly been trying to mix things up!) :P

Today, I wore my new "Mesh Back Boyfriend Tank" from American Eagle in Mint ($9.03 with their recent 40% sale).  (It's more of a baby blue/green.) under a sheer button down blouse with a beaded color (the pretty collar convinced me to purchase it) from Rue 21.  My pants are the Stella Ankle Zip Leggings from Express (LOVE!), and I'm wearing my Coach sneakers that I've had for 4 years and literally feel brand new.  They are the most comfortable shoes ever & I wear them almost everyday to work.  (They were definitely worth the $ because they are comfortable and still look new! QUALITY over QUANTITY! lol).  My bracelet is from RUE 21, and I'm wearing a big Mint Green hairbow from Claires.  I got a lot of compliments on my outfit at work today.  That made me smile.  :)

My Monday was good, and the nice, warm weather made it even better! YAY! Finally!! *GOODBYE COLD!*  (Hope it stays nice! *knocks on wood*)

Hope all of you Fashionistas had a great Monday!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

                                                                         1 fl oz

I picked this up on Saturday, while I was at Rite Aid.  I was actually looking to pick up the Garnier BB cream (original formula), but this caught my eye.  I'm a huge fan of Revlon products.  I really love their Photoready Airbrush Foundation.  I've repurchased that numerous times.  (That's a go-to foundation for me!)  I've also tried the Colorstay foundation in the past, and I really liked it as well.  I was debating between trying this and the Maybelline, but based off of the research that I'd done and reviews,  I thought that the Revlon would suit me better.  The Maybelline one was said to be very sheer.  Even though the Revlon cost more than the Maybelline, I've had bad luck with Maybelline face products in the past, and I didn't want to try the chance.  (Also, I didn't want to get anything with next to nothing coverage.  I like some coverage.)  This was $10.99 at Rite Aid, and $8.99 at Walmart.  However, with my Revlon coupon and 20% off that I received by using my Wellness cared, I got this for $6.54! (Huge Steal!)  (I like to purchase face products at Rite Aid because of the awesome return policy.)

I've been using this since Saturday (it's now Tuesday night), and I'm really pleased with this product.  It has good coverage.  It doesn't just even out skintone, but it covers flaw and imperfections as well.  I don't really need to conceal when I use this.  I've used this with and without a setting powder (MAC Studio Careblend & Mark Matte-nificent).  When I wore this without a powder, I didn't have to blot at all.  When I used the powders over top, I did have to blot my t-zone halfway throughout the day.  I like to set it with a powder for more coverage when I go to work.  

I love how this makes my skin feel so soft.  It's very hydrating, without feeling greasy.  This doesn't feel heavy on the skin or make it feel greasy or oily.  It doesn't give so much of a dewy finish.  It's more of demi/matte-natural finish.  I love how natural this looks- like my skin only better (more awake/polished).  My skin is very sensitive & this didn't irritate it.  My skin feels softer, smoother, and healthier in just the 4 days that I've used it. 

I'm not sure if this really has all of the skincare benefits and anti-aging properties that a true BB cream is supposed to, but sure is an amazing tinted moisturizer.  I've been looking for a more affordable dupe for my NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer, and I think I found it! 

Shades: Light, Light/Medium, Medium
The Shades run dark! I'm NC40 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid & NW40 in Studio Sculpt.  I wear Medium/Deep in Garnier tinted moisturizers.  The medium in this suits me, but it's still a tad bit dark (but it works!).  I could prob get away with a light/medium in this.  Something to consider before you purchase.  

Olay Shine,Shine Go Away Cleanser & Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion Review


I saw these new Olay Fresh Effects products at Target, and the cute packaging caught my eye.  It's fun and youthful.  I've been loving the sample of the Clinique Foaming Rinse Off Cleanser that my aunt gave me (free gift with her Clinique purchase), but I'm almost out of the sample and didn't want to shell out $20 for a full sized tube of it.  I'm thrifty when it comes to skincare products.  I usually go with Clean & Clear, Purpose, Cetaphil, Noxema, etc (drugstore products).  The most expensive skincare products that I've tried were Benefit (which were sent to me for free) and a Boscia moisturizer (which was amazing and a gift).  I like to look for good deal when it comes to cleansers, and honestly, I don't usually moisturize.  

My skin has been combo/oily lately.  It's also sensitive (always has been).  My forehead and cheeks are dry and my t-zone has been oily.  I've had to blot sometimes several times a day in my t-zone (hate doing that).  The Shine, Shine Go Away really caught my eye because it's suppose to minimize shine.  Sometimes, the Purpose cleanser, that I often use, can dry out my skin.  This stuff is a creamy formula, as opposed to the liquid formula of Purpose, so I figured that this wouldn't be so drying.  The Shine, Shine Go Away cleanser can be used as a mask or regular cleanser.  It's foaming.  My skin feels very clean and soft when I use this, and not drying at all.  Doesn't feel greasy at all or leave a residue like some cleansers can.  I used this last night, and I only had to blot one time today.  So far I really like this cleanser.

I know I mentioned that I don't usually moisturize my face, but I know that I should.  I moisturize my body after a bath or shower, so why not moisturize my face after I wash it?! I'm not getting any younger, and I know I look younger than what I am and want to keep my skin looking soft and youthful.  I don't like heavy moisturizers.  Sometimes they can be too moisturizing or feel greasy.  This Fresh Effects moisturizer is definitely not your mother and grandmother's Olay!  I have used the original Olay Complete moisturizer and also the sensitive skin formulas.  The original Olay moisturizer (that's been around for YEARS) is a lot more moisturizing and a lot thicker than the Fresh Effects.  The Olay Complete is definitely more of a night moisturizer, and I recommend that one for dry skin.  However, since I have combo skin, I want something more lightweight.  I don't want a heavy moisturizer or something that feels greasy.  (Although, the Olay Complete never felt greasy on me; it was a lot more moisturizing than the Fresh Effects.) I really love how lightweight the Fresh Effects moisturizer is.  It reminds me of the Benefit Triple Moisture Emulsion (which I really loved when I sampled it, but didn't love the price!).  A lightweight moisturizer is just what I need for my skin type. I used this before bed after cleansing with the Shine, Shine Go Away.  This made my skin feel refreshed and moisturized, without feeling greasy.  I love it! This would be a great daytime moisturizer as well!  

I feel like this line is great for younger skin or for combo/oily skin types! It is pricer than the regular Olay products.  The Olay Complete lotion is around $7.99-$8.99.  The Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture is $12.99 at Target & $14.99 at (worth the splurge!), and the Shine,Shine Go Away cleanser is $5.99 at Target & $7.99 at  This line also has an exfoliating cleanser and a BB Cream as well.  Definitely worth checking out! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

*My 25th Bday Out of the Day!*

My 25th birthday was on Sunday, Feb 10th, and this was my outfit of the day!

Sweater Slub Knit Side Ruched Dolman Sweater *fresh mint*- Express
Stella Brushed Sateen Legging *mint green*- Express
Boots- American Eagle 
Ring- Rue 21

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Oil Free Medium/Deep
MAC Giggly Blush
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Aquarius, Benefit They're Real Mascara (LOVE!)
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

1st Impressions & Comparison: Garnier Skin Review BB Cream *Oil Free*

                   (me wearing the oil free version on Sunday *my 25th bday!*)

I tried out a sample of the original version in medium/deep first and wore it all day and all night on Saturday.  I really liked the lasting powder (lasted all day and night), finish (natural finish-"my skin only better look"), and the fact that it had great oil control (didn't have to blot at all all day or night).  My skin is sensitive, and the original didn't break me out. 

I had purchase this in the oil free formula in the same shade and tried it out Sunday and Monday.  The oil free version is said to help control oil and is for combination/oily skin.  Believe it or not, the original version controlled oil better for me than the oil free version made for oily skin! I had to blot my t-zone about once when I wore this on Sunday (did not use a powder to set this that day).  On Monday, when I wore this to work, I set it with MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, and I had to blot my face 3 times! (Not happy about that!)  I feel like the original version had better oil control for me personally.  (Everyone's skin is different.)  Also, I feel like the oil free version may have broken me out (would have though that the oil free would have been better for my skin!).  My skin is still acting up after I stopped using it (used the NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer yesterday and today).  My skin is a little better today though.  I can not say for sure if it was the oil free version that was breaking me out.  I have sensitive skin and was also breaking out in small hives (which I think is from eating too much grapefruit for the past week).  I did cut the grapefruit out and didn't have any today, which I think may have helped.  I will try the oil free again in the future to see if it was really breaking me out. However, I think that I'm going to purchase the original version because I liked the finish and how it performed better than the oil free. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

1st Impressions: Garnier Skin Renewal Miracle BB Cream

Garnier Skin Renewal Miracle BB Cream
*original version*

(wearing Garnier BB Cream, Covergirl & Olay Concealer Balm, Stila Illuminating Powder Bronze (cheeks), Benefit Bella Bamba Blush, NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper Pink Champagne, Urban Decay Aquarius Eyeshadow (over top of L'Oreal Linear Intense Felt Tip Liner, Benefit They're Real Mascara)

I tried a sample of this in medium/deep on a card that was in a magazine, just out of curiosity. I've seen the American BB creams in drugstores for months now but never had the desire to try one. I never saw the point in them because they seen like glorified tinted moisturizers. I'm glad I tried this one though. I love how it looks like my natural skin, only better. This evens out skintone and gives my skin a more polished, glowing looking. Has nice coverage too!

I've now had this on for 10 1/2 hours, and it still looks as fresh as it did when I first applied! I didn't even have to set this with my MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder, which I use everyday to set my makeup with. I usually use the Careblend pressed powder to add more coverage. I'm surprised at how well this covers, while still looking so natural! Also, I didn't have to blot my face at all! Huge plus! I absolutely love not having to blot my t-zone. (that gets so annoying!). i liked this so much upon application (loved the way that it looked) that I ran out to Walmart (only 5 min away) and purchased this in the oil free version.  (I chose to try the oil free version because I like to stick with oil free products & my t-zone tends to get oily about halfway through the day.)It was $11.97 for 2 oz, which is a steal. Compared to other foundations/tinted moisturizers/bb creams, where you only get 1 oz. (NARS Sheer Glow is $42 for 1 oz!) Love the tube as well. I think I may have found a more 
affordable dupe to my NARS Pure Radiant TM. 

Favorite Eyeliner Ever! *Covergirl LiquiLine Blast*

These liners are absolutely amazing.  I've tried the violet, green, black, and silver shades so far, and these liners have awesome staying power.  The black one is always sold out every time that I go to Rite Aid or Walmart.  I recently picked up the Green Glow & Silver Spark.  This is my second time purchased the green shade.  It's a gorgeous, vibrant lime green color (reminds me of Urban Decay).  The pigmentation is great, and the best part is, these last all day long.  I line both my top and bottom lashline with this liner, and it does not budge at all! I have had issues with eyeliners in the past (*Maybelline*cough cough!) that smudge or fade like crazy on the inner part on the bottom and on the waterline.  I don't have to worry about these smudging or fading off throughout the day.  I usually apply my makeup around 8am on a workday and remove it around 11:30pm (something's even midnight).  15 hours with no budging or fading= pretty darn AMAZING!!!
This is my first time trying the silver shade.  It's more of a grey color with silver sparkles throughout- gorgeous!! The silver is perfect for a smokey eye look and suitable for day as well as night.  (I've worn both colors to work.)  The silver is also a nice alternative for when you don't want to use black liner.  

Here are swatches of both the Silver Spark & The Green Glow:

Friday, February 8, 2013

FOTD Friday: 2/8/13 Ft. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

(wearing NARS Pure Radiant in St Moritz, MAC Supercontinental Blush, Covergirl LiquiLine Blast (green glow), Maybelline eyeshadow (blue), Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, NYC lip plumper Pink Champagne) 

 I decided to pull out my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (a staple this past Summer) and use it today, because I haven't used it in a while.  It was my go-to tinted moisturizer this Summer.  I love how it's not super sheer, like many tinted moisturizers out there, and it's not greasy/oily.  It does not make me oily, and actually keeps my face from getting oily throughout the day.  The main reason why I haven't been using this a lot is the price.  It's $42 a pop, and I noticed that there's not much left in the tube.  If I used this daily, it would get expensive to keep repurchasing.  (I purchased it during a friends & family sale with 20% off. I wouldn't pay full price.)

I've been looking for something with a more natural, lighter coverage than what I've been using throughout the Winter.  I love the glow that this gave my skin! Usually, I have to blot my t zone by midday.  I only had to blot today 1 x around 6 pm (i put this one at 8am & usually have to blot by 3pm with other products).  There was barely any oil on my blotting paper, which was a huge plus!

I wore this from 8am to 12:50am.  I touched up my face with the MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder (which I set this with) around 6pm, when I was out and wanted some more coverage.

This very lightweight and blends nicely.  It makes my skin feels soft.  My favorite part about this foundation is the natural glow this gifts my skin.  This also has amazing coverage for a tinted moisturizer.  This is great for the "my skin only better" natural look.  Makes a great base for bronzer/blush as well!! I'm definitely going to start using this again and repurchase during another Friends & Family sale.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

I received the travel size of this, along with an itty bitty sample size of the Watt's Up Highlighter as my Sephora birthday gift.  I've been curious about this and wanting to try this since it first came out, so I was happy that this was my free gift.  I'm always on the search for something that gives me super long lashes (the false lash look).  My lashes are naturally short, and I hate fussing with false lashes.  I've been  so many drugstore mascaras and even the famous (& expensive) Diorshow (which didn't impress me).  None of those mascaras gave me the false lash look I was looking for (not even the L'oreal False Lash mascara).  I wanted to know if this really did live up to the hype of giving the false lash look.

This really gives me the false lash dramatic look that I've been on the search for for YEARS!!!
I was so impressed! I love the flexible wand too! It's sized perfectly for getting the bottom lashes, as well.  This gives my lashes crazy length! This really does live up to the hype!

The only downside I can find to this mascara is the price.  It's $23 for the full size and $10 for the deluxe travel size. 

I will be purchasing this in the future because I love the look that it gives to my lashes. 

A+ for Benefit!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How I Achieve A Luminous Glow (Everyday Face)

I've noticed that I get more compliments on my complexion and how young looking my skin is when I use certain products, compared to when I use others.  My skin seems to look more radiant and smoother when I use certain products. These are the products that I use to help me get a luminous glow to my skin.  I prefer to have some shimmer for a glowy sunkissed complexion, as opposed to a matte look.  (However, somedays I like to go for a more matte look, depending on the occasion and my mood.)

Here's what I use to achieve a smooth, glowly complexion:

1. REVLON PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation (shade rich ginger)- 
I absolutely love this foundation.  I wasn't expecting good coverage from a mousse-like foundation, but boy was I wrong.  I feel that this covers very well & is buildable, without looking cakey or overly made up.  It's light to medium, buildable coverage.  I like to go with 2 layers of this for the desired coverage of my choice. It comes out like a mousse (foam) but blends out to a liquid.  Blends like a dream, doesn't cling to dry patches, and applies so smoothly.  It does have very small flecks of shimmer in it, but nothing extremely obnoxious or extremely obvious.  It gives a nice, luminous glow to the skin & that's why I love it.  Love that it gives a natural look, and doesn't scream "I'm wearing tons of foundation!".  It just looks like natural skin, only better & more enhanced.

2. NARS Casino Bronzer or Tarte Park Ave Princess Amazonian Clay (mineral) Bronzer 
(on cheeks & down nose for contour)- 
I don't always use this.  Sometimes, I just use a shimmery blush & skip the bronzer.  But when I want a more defined cheek or want to warm my face up with a sunkissed glow, I love to use either of these 2 bronzers.  (Casino is darker and more brown bases, where as  Park Ave Princess is more golden toned.)  They both have shimmer, but not overpowering.  Personally, I prefer to bronzers with shimmer.  When I use matte bronzers, they tend to look very flat & muddy.  I love the dimension and glow that the shimmer gives. 

3.Shimmery (not glittery) Blush- MAC Daft Pink (discontinued L.E), Hard Candy Living Doll
My favorite at the time is MAC's Daft Pink, which is a perfect swirl of bronzy gold & pink. This has the perfect amount of shimmer for a natural baby doll pink glow.  Not too overpowering.  This is great for an everyday look for work or school.  Hard Candy's Living Doll is great for this look as well (& super affordable).  Living Doll is a gorgeous pink (more vibrant than Daft Pink) with just the perfect amount of shimmer for a beautiful angel-like glow.  

I really like to use shimmery blushes because they work as a blush & highlighter in one.

*I usually finish off my everyday look with a neutral or pink lipgloss or lipstick (I like to use Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy or NYC's Lippin Large gloss in pink champagne.) & a neutral or light colored eyeshadow (usually no liner for daytime look).  (really like Urban Decay's Aquarius & shades from Mark's On The Dot Neutral Palette)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

*NEW* Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm & Covergirl & Olay Concealer Balm

I picked up the Jumbo Gloss Balm in Coral Twist.  After debating for the longest between the coral shade and the hot pink (which I will be going back for).  I like to stick to pink lip colors for everyday use, but the color was a fun change.  The pigmentation is really nice and these are quite glossy.  They remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters (which I love!) but in a crayon form.  They also have more pigmentation than the Lip Butters.  I find that when the glossiness wears off, it leaves a nice stain on your lips.  I would like to try more colors.

I also picked up the new Covergirl & Olay Concealer Balm in shade medium.  I was looking for a new concealer.  I have been using the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Concealer for years, which I love for under the eyes as well as blemishes/redness.  However, that one is quite pricey.  I'd also been eyeing up the new L'Oreal crayon style concealer, but that one was pricey as well.  I chose this one because I absolutely love the Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab foundation, and this was advertised to work well with that.  This covers well real and blends like a dream.  It doesnt cling to dry areas or wear off throughout the day.  I love how it's in a cute little compact tube that reminds me of a lip stick/balm.  I recommend trying this out!

FOTD: 1/12/13 Ft Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

Eyes: Urban Decay Aquarius Eyeshadw, L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Eye Pencil Black, L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara 
Face: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous *NEW* 3-in-1 Foundation SPF 20 (857 Golden Tan)
Cheeks: Benefit Bella Bamba Blush
Lips: NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper Pink Champagne 

*January 2013 Favorites*

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder
I'm almost finished with my 2nd compact. I love this stuff.  When used with the sponge, it has enough coverage to work as a concealer! I don't even really use concealer on blemishes or dark marks anymore.  I just use this, and it works like a dream.  I like to set light coverage foundations or tinted moisturizers with this for a more polished look.  When applied with a brush, you get lighter coverage.  This has enough coverage to be used alone, as well, on days when you're just running errands or don't want to mess with a lot of makeup.  I love this! It never leaves my purse.  I've never been a huge fan of powder, because every powder that I've tried has looked too "cakey" and "powdery" and definitely not natural.  I love this because it's not cakey at all or artificial looking.  It does not make you look like you're wearing powder.  This has a demi-matte, natural finish and has a very smooth application.  However, if you're looking to control oil and want a matte look, you might want to skip this and try the Blot Powder or another oil-controling powder.  

L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Officially, the best mascara that I've ever tried hands down.  My favorite mascara of all time used to be the Rimmel Bold Curve MAX (in the green tube).  I also like the MARK Lash Act mascara for length. I picked this up on a whim at Walmart at the beginning of the month.  It was sold in a package along with the Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner (which is LOVE as well) for only $10! I couldn't pass it up.  I'm really glad that this caught my attention, but it's my new favorite mascara.  This mascara not only add crazy length, but it adds crazy volume as well! What more could a girl ask for?! This is exactly what I've been looking for in a mascara, and I've tried so many.  It doesn't weight my lashes down like some mascaras have in the past.  It's not a dry formula, which I hate in mascaras.  It's wet enough that you can layer it up without it clumping, but not so wet that it smudges. Stays put all day.  Even when my eyes were watering, it didn't budge.  I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!

L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner
As I mentioned above, this came with the Extra Volume Collagen Mascara.  I'm always looking for a good black mascara that doesn't budge.  I haven't used this on the bottom lash line yet (LOVE the Rimmel waterproof liner for that), but it works amazingly on the top!  I love how this glides on (not tugging or pulling) and applies smoothly.  It does apply like a liquid liner, but with the ease of a pencil. It lasted me all day. I usually do my makeup around 8:20 or so in the morning, and take it off around 11:30pm (sometimes midnight).  It did not budge.  LOVE this! 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow *AQUARIUS*
My EVERYDAY HG eyeshadow.  Not only do I adore the name "Aquarius" because that's my zodiac sign, but I LOVE the color of this.  It's a gorgeous shimmery aqua (minty) green color with flecks of silver shimmer.  It's not too shimmery by any means.  I love wearing this for everyday use.  It goes with a lot of colors.  Plus mint green is my favorite color!  I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay Eyeshadows.  They are my favorite.  The formula is outstanding.  They last all day and glide on like a dream.  I wish they cost less than $18 a pop, but I've always gotten my shadows when Urban Decay, Sephora, or has had some sort of sell.  This is a great everyday color.  It's not too harsh for work or school and gives just enough of a pop of color that it's not boring.  I wear this almost everyday and keep in it my purse.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain *PRECIOUS*
I love these stains because they are hydrating, and my lips are usually so dry.  Other stains are known for their drying effect.  This comes off as a neutral/nude color on my lips, and I love to pair it with a smokey/dark eye and neutral cheek.  It reminds me of a mod/60's look. Very hydrating and glossy.  Not sticky at all.  Great for keeping in your purse.  

NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper *PINK CHAMPAGNE*
This is super affordable! It cost me around $2 and some odd change at Walmart.  I love how hydrating and glossy this is, without feeling sticky.  I keep this in my purse at all times.  It doesn't do much for plumping your lips though.  The only lip plumper that's every really worked for me has been the Sally Hanson Lip Inflation.  This doesn't sting or burn your lips, and it's a great hydrating gloss though! 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer *Park Ave Princess*
I've been loving this to contour.  It's very natural looking and glides on like a dream. I like to use my Mark Powder brush to dust it on. 

Favorite Foundation:

Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab
I always goes back to this one.  It's lightweight on the skin and has nice coverage.  I tried the new Outlast Stay Fabulous & I really like it as well.  That one keeps my face matte and stays put all day, but it's more coverage that I would like for everyday use.  The Covergirl & Olay gives me just enough coverage, but not too much for everyday work use.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st Impressions: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

Hello beauties! I've been currently been rotating between using the MAC Matchmaster, Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush, & Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab (favorite!) foundations.  However, I went to Target today (to look for black pants!) & I couldn't help but wander over towards the cosmetics section.  There were so many new products there by Covergirl, L'Oreal, & Revlon! I wanted to try the new Covergirl Gloss Crayons, but I couldn't decide which color I wanted so I didn't get any. (I will go back to try them eventually.) I also want to try the new L'Oreal concealer that is shaped like a jumbo crayon.  Anyway, this foundation was on an end display & caught my eye.  I passed it up twice, but eventually, I went back for it.  I was going to get the Covergirl Clean Oil-Control pressed powder, but I put it back.  I decided to try this foundation because I had a $2 off coupon & thought what the heck! 3 in 1? Can't beat that, especially when I'm in a hurry in the morning!

I chose this foundation in shade 857 Golden Tan.  (I'm 157 in the Tone Rehab.).  The shade blended out perfectly, and I love how it matches my skintone.  I love how this is very easy to blend out and does not feel heavy at all on the skin.  I prefer two layers of this for good medium coverage.  It's definitely buildable.  I will try it out tomorrow & throughout the weekend & be back with a full updated review.  So far, I like this alot. It has a matte finish, but not too matte when it looks fake.  I didn't want another dewy foundation.  This gives me the exact finish that I'm looking for, minus the steps of using primer & powder. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FOTD: 1/9/13

face: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer, Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab Foundation 157
cheeks: Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer (Amazonian Clay), MAC Supercontinental Blush
Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Aquarius, L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Lips: NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper Strawberry Champagne