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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products

I did not include any Mark or Avon products.  I only included products that are accessible in either drugstores or super centers.

1.) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer - This makes my skin softer and does a good job of evening out my skin tone.  This blends right into the skin and doesn't feel or look greasy like some tinted moisturizers do.  My t-zone gets oily in the summer, and this hasn't made my face feel or look oily at all.  This gives a bit of a matte finish, while still giving a nice glow to the skin.  This is nice for everyday use, and I use it when I just want to even out my skintone.  (Great for a hot, summer day) I paid $10.49 for this at Walmart, and you get 1 fl oz of this in a hygienic plastic tube with a pump.  The packaging is fantastic.  My only gripe is that my shade (medium to olive 06) is the darkest shade that is comes in.  I'm NC40/42 in the summer and NC35/37 in the winter, and I can see this working for someone up to NC43 (MAYBE NC44).  I've actually seen where NC42's have worn shade Tan to Medium 50.  If you're skintone is deeper than that, this unfortunately won't work for you.  (Neutrogena needs to expand their shade range, especially with Gabrielle Union as one of their models!)

2.) Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (Combo/Oily)- This is an AMAZING drugstore find! This gives flawless, full coverage.  This covers just about ANYTHING.  The problem that I had when I first tried this out was that I applied too much.  I applied it like I applied my normal light coverage foundations, and I looked overly made up.  The second time I applied this, I used less (a little truly goes a long way), and this looked amazing.  It doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  The coverage is great, and it really works for oil-control.  (If you have dry skin, please look at the bottle & make sure that you are buying the version of this for combo/dry skin.)  This is often compared to MAC's Studio Fix Fluid.  I actually like this better than Studio Fix Fluid.  I feel like this covers better.  Also, SFF broke me out almost immediately, and this one did not (I have sensitive skin).  I use this for when I want fuller coverage and for special occasions.)  My only gripe is that this doesn't come with a pump.  Revlon should use the same packaging as they do with the Photoready. 

3.) Covergirl Natureluxe Glossbalm- LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  I have it in Coral.  This gives the perfect amount of color.  It's not like some glossy that barely give any color at all, but it's not super vibrant either.  Perfect everyday colorpay off.  These are great for a job where you need to have minimal makeup.  These gives your lips the perfect kiss of color, and these are super moisturizing.  My lips are on the dry side, and a lot of lipsticks dry my lips out.  I love how moisturizing this is.  It feels just like a lip balm but gives that gorgeous glossy color without the sticky mess of a lipgloss.  Covergirl often has Bogo (buy 1, get 1 50%) sales.  Wait for a Bogo sales, and grab these in 2 colors.  They are worth it.

4.) Maybelline FIT! Me Bronzer (Deep Bronze)- I was actually surprised at how well this works.  I received it in a swap on MUA as an extra.  I decided to try it out, even though I was disappointed with Maybelline's old bronzer that was in an identical container.  This works really well.  Deep bronze is the perfect shade of bronze for my NC40/42 skintone.  The little brush actually works with with contouring. This is MUCH better than Maybelline's old bronzers.  This is a great drugstore find.  Don't waste your money on Benefit's Hoola or NARS Laguna.  Check these out first.  They come in 3 shades.

5.) Sally Hanson Hard As Nails & Extreme Wear Nail Polishes- Sally's nail polishes have been my favorite for a long time, since long before I tried OPI.  I've been into OPI a lot lately.  I've been loving their My Lifesaver nail polish for Summer, BUT as much as I love it, I always go back to Sally Hanson.  Her polishes are affordable and have an excellent formula.  I've gotten Extreme Wear & Hard As Nails for as little as $1.99-$2.99 at Rite Aid.  They go on smoothly and dry quickly, no clumps or chipping, and are available in a wide variety of colors.  Sally Hanson had dupes of all of the nail polishes in MAC's Quite Cute Collection by the way.  You're bound to find a color that you like for the right price.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse Inspired Look

Eyes: Still <3's Barbie Stay All Day Liner Black & Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara Blackest Black
Cheeks: Lorac Hollywood Baked Blush & Revlon Age Defying Spa Illuminator Pink Light
Lips: Covergirl Natureluxe Glossbalm Coral

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rite Aid Haul :)

When I first hit the beauty scene, I was all about "high-end".  The gurus who i watched on youtube were all about the high end products and that's all that I heard about...MAC, NARS, Smashbox, Dior, etc. I've tried my fair share of high-end products, as well as Avon & Mark (because I'm a rep).  I used to stray away from drugstore products, but I've recently found some great drugstore finds that I've really been enjoying. n I also love the bogo sales that are recently held.  (I'm waiting for one to come up for the Covergirl Intense Shadow Blasts so I can try those! Right now at Rite Aid, only the CG face products are on sale.)  I need a trip to CVS (20 min away).  The makeup selection is enormous & there's more brands there than at my Rite Aid, Walmart, or Target (like Milani & Iman).

Tonight, I grabbed some things are Rite Aid & used my Wellness Card for 20% (because I've reached gold status, everything in the store is 20% off with my card. sweet deal when the items are already on sale!)

I picked up Revlon's Age Defying Spa Illuminator in Pink Light (said to be a Dupe to Benefit's High Beam, which I've been wanting to try but not wanting to dish out the $$).  I couldn't find this anywhere, and I was actually shocked to see it at my local Rite Aid.  They had it in Bare Light & Gold Light as well.  There was only 1 left in Pink Light, and it had my name all over it! ;)  This was $13.99 (before the discount).  (The Revlon products were Bogo Buy 1, Get 1 50% off, but I didn't want anything else.  Good deal if you want to try the other shades.)

I also picked up Sally Hanson's Hard As Nails in Hard Lemonade, a gorgeous pale yellow.  This polish was only $1.99 (before the discount), and it applies so smoothly and dries quickly like a dream.
The last thing that I picked up was Sally Hanson's Crackle Nail Polish in Black.  I have been looking for this polish every time that I go shopping and haven't been able to find it anywhere.  This was $6.99.  They had various shades, there was a dark blue, silver, gold, and pink that I remember seeing.  I may go back & get the gold or silver.

Swatch of Revlon's Spa Illuminator Pink Light:

blended out

 (on the inside of my hand: you can see the shimmers, but as you can see above, when it's blended out completely, the shimmers are less noticeable and all you get is a gorgeous glowy sheen.)

compared to NAR'S Illuminators, the Revlon Illuminators are a thinner, lotion-y consistency.  The Revlon is very moisturizing and easy to blend, and it feels light on the skin.  The new NARS's Illuminators (Copabacana, Super Orgasm, & Laguna) are a thicker consistency and just a tad on the sticky side.  In my opinion, Revlon's is easier to blend.  My only gripe with the Revlon is the packaging. I don't care for the attached brush, and when I first applied this, way too much product came out.  I'd prefer if the brush wasn't attached, and if it was a regular sqeeze tube like the NARS packaging.

Monday, July 25, 2011

*Semi-Annual Beauty Awards 2011*

I'll be doing these twice a year. Once in the Summertime & Once in the Winter.  (As we all know, makeup preferences change by the season, and often, what works for us in the summer isn't the same thing that works for us in the summer.

I know that my skin is drier in the late fall and winter months.  I get dry flakes around my nose, and my forehead tends to flake up when I use certain liquid foundation in the winter.  In the summer, my skin is on the oily side, especially the t-zone.  I also have sensitive skin.  It's been sweltering hot here right now, and it's late July.  It's usually a lot hotter in August and early September.  In this heat, I prefer a tinted moisturizer (Tarte Smooth Operator when I want more coverage and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer when i want lighter coverage) and a concealer to conceal blemishes and under-eye darkness (Maybellne FIT! Me Concealer).  It's way too hot for a medium-full coverage foundation.  In the winter, I do prefer a liquid foundation.  Last winter, I used NARS Sheer Glow a lot, and I did use Benefit's You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer (because my skin was dry and this TM is very moisturizing.)  Basically, I do with a little bit less base makeup in the summertime and I moisturize less.  In the wintertime, I moisturize more and use a little more base makeup.

I'll be giving do these beauty "awards", which is just a fancy way of doing seasonal favorites, where I give awards for Best Drugstore Foundation, Best Drugstore Lipgloss, Best High-End Blush, Best Nail Polish, etc.  Keep a look out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Blouse & Skirt- Express

I threw on a pair of tan wedge heeled sandals from Timberland to complete the look.

*The above pictures were taking before I fixed my hair into a high bun. Please excuse the messy bed hair*


Face: Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer Agent 12 (medium skin w/ Beige Undertones)
Cheeks: MAC My Highland Honey Blush (from Tartan Tale Holiday '10) (I really had to pack this on to get it to show up with my summer tan.  This worked better for me in the fall/winter when i wore it all the time.)
Lips: Sally Hanson Lip Injection Sheer Mocha

This look is suitable for church, the office, a party/dinner where the attire is more than casual but less than "formal".  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Avon C15 Haul

Naturals Blackberry & Vanilla Shakes Body Lotion & Shower Gel, Mega Impact Eyeliner Golden Fawn (new for Campaign 17) , Ultra Color Rich Lipstick Rich Ruby (new shade)

Swatches of Lipstick & Eye Liner:
                                                                  without Flash

With Flash

Me Wearing the eyeliner & lipstick:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 2011 Favorites

July 2011 Favorites

It's about that time again.  It's the end of the month...& all of the us beauty fanatics know that that means!  It's FAVORITES time!!  

1.) Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combo/Oily) 330 (price varies $9.99-$12.99. I paid $11.02 for this at Rite Aid)-- This is a drugstore gem, and I've been loving it.  Whenever I've had to go somewhere important, I've been wearing this.  It covers like a dream -- dark circles, awful blemishes -- this stuff is great.  My only gripe with this is that it doesn't come with a pump, and sometimes I waste a bit of product.  (I will be trying this in Combo/Dry in the cooler months when my skin gets dry.)  This is a great full coverage flawless foundation that doesn't cost an arm & a leg.  (In my opinion, it trumps the MAC Studio Fix Fluid.)

2.) MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder Medium/Deep ($23)- I'm not a powder girl at all, and I never used to set my makeup because I haven't had much luck with powders.  I didn't really care for the Avon Ideal Shade loose powder at all.  It have it in translucent, and it kind of washed me out and didn't do much for me.  I love the Studio Careblend because it doesn't look "powdery" or cake up on my dry patches.  This is perfect over a tinted moisturizer (& over the Revlon Colorstay for a COMPLETELY flawless look!).  This gives a nice smooth natural finish and covers quite well, without being too matte or unnatural looking.  It comes with a sponge, and I find that the sponge works quite well.  You get more coverage with the sponge, but a fluffy powder brush works great if you want less coverage.  A little goes along way, and I see this lasting a long time (so to me, it's worth the price.)

3.) Mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush Chica ($8)- I've been wanting to try Mark's blushes for a while.  I've heard such great things about them.  I just wasn't sure what colors to try or how pigmented they would be.  I must say, I'm very happy I chose this color.  This is the PERFECT shade of coral.  This is a TRUE coral (Swatches).  I love how this doesn't have pink tones in it like a lot of "coral" blushes on the market.  The pigmentation is great.  I can see this working well on light and dark skinetones.  This is a warm toned blush.  It's perfect for summer, and it gives a natural flush.  This is perfect with a nude lip.  This has been my go-to blush lately.

4.) MAC My Highland Honey Blush ($18.50- DISCONTINUED/Limited Edition)-  I picked this up last November from MAC's 2010 Holiday Collection (A Tartan Tale).  This was described as a coral blush, but in my opinion, it appears to me more peach toned.  Swatches
I recently was going through my MAC blushes and pulled this out.  It doesn't show up the same way that it did in the wintertime when I didn't have such a tan.  (I'm around NC30/35 in the winter and right now I'm NC40/42.)I used this A LOT last Fall & Winter; it was my Go-To blush. I find that I have to layer it a little more than I did before, but the results are still gorgeous.  This gives such a natural peachy glow to the cheeks.  Perfect for summer.  It's a nice neutral color, so you can pair this with bolder lips & eyes or neutral.  

5.) Mark Lipclick Barehug ($10) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color, as well as the creamy, moisturizing formula.  My lips are on the dry side, and I hate when lipsticks dry your lips out and feather.  The Lipclicks are great because of how moisturizing they are (I have Sweetie Pie too & love it!).  The color payoff is fantastic too.  I love how the tube is magnetic, and these just snap shut so the lid won't fall off in your bag.  This shade is the PERFECT nude shade for me because it has a hint of peach to it.  I have a hard time with Nudes.  If the shade is not warm enough, it will look pasty (like concealer on the lips) and wash me out (like the Viva Glam Gaga2 has a habit of doing).  Barehug has is a warm, gorgeous peachy-toned nude, and it gives the PERFECT nude lip for me.  The lasting power of this is nice too.  I love pairing this with a peachy/coral cheek.  This shade goes great with just about anything.  I've been wearing this shade all the time lately.

6. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Soft Nude- ($6.49-$8.99, price varies depending on where your purchase.  I paid around $6 for this at Walmart.)  I picked this up when the weather was still chilly, sometime in the beginning of the year.  I just started wearing it again.  I love this shade of nude.  Unlike Barehug, this is more pale and a bit cooler toned.  I really like it though.  This was my first nude lipstick, and I'm happy with it.  This shade goes with just about any other makeup look possible.  This gives the perfect true nude lip, and the color lasts long and holds up well throughout the day.  I've been reaching for this a lot lately.   

(Top: Barehug, Bottom: Soft Nude)

Mark Glossblossom ($6- will be discontinued soon.  On sale for $2.99 along with Cheekblossom in C16&17)-  First of all, I'm really upset that this is going to be discontinued.  Hopefully, Mark is making room for an even better product.  I purchased this quite a while ago, before I became an Avon rep.  (I became a rep in early March of this year.)  However, I'd only used it a few times because it got lost in one of my purses.  When I saw it again in Magalog 8 and saw that it was going to be discontinued, I was all ready to order it again.  I decided to rummage through my purses that had makeup in them and found this.  I've been wearing it almost everyday since.  I'm going to grab a few tubes of this before it becomes discontinued.  The formula is great!  I LOVE glossy lips, but the I HATE the typical stickiness of lipglosses.  This makes my lips look SUPER glossy, but it's not sticky what so ever.  My lips just look super glossy and soft- PERFECT.  I LOVE how this changes from clear to pink (similar to Smashbox O Gloss, but BETTER formula in my opinion and better price).  This turns the perfect shade of pink for my skintone.  I've been using it almost everyday and everywhere that I go.  I'm constantly grabbing for this.  Highly recommend grabbing this while you still can.  shop now

8. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (tinted moisturizer) Medium to Olive 60- ($10.29) - I picked this up recently on a whim when I was at Walmart.  I had been wanting to try it for a while, and finally decided why not, so I picked it up. My only gripe with this is the poor color range.  (I've noticed that with all of the Neutrogena products though.  I have the Skin Clearing Concealer & the shades only go up to medium, which is what I have.  The shades of the Healthy Skin foundation aren't variety wide in range either.)  There are few to none when it comes to shades for women of color.  You would think with Gabrielle Union as one of their cover girls, they would atleast have shades to match someone of her skintone.  That aside, this is a really great tinted moisturizer, and I like it a lot.  It's been so hot lately, that I haven't wanted to fool with foundation, so I'll just through this on and a little concealer if I'm going out somewhere.  I love that it has SPF 20 (my skin is sensitive to the sun).  This is light coverage, but it does a great job of evening out skintone.  Shade 60 blends perfectly into my skintone and gives a really pretty glow to my skin.  My skin is oily in my T-zone right now (it gets drier in the winter), and this doesn't look/feel greasy or make me more oily.  This has a bit of a matte finish, while still giving that pretty glow.  I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I think I like this better than the Tarte Smooth Operator (I LOVE the coverage that the Tarte gives, but this is a nice, less expensive alternative that offers SPF20.)    

Those are all of the products that I've been using frequently this month and will continue to use.  Any questions about these products, feel free to leave a comment below :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FOTD 7/19/11: White Hot Eyes

Face: NARS Sheer Glow Barcelona
Cheeks: MAC My Highland Honey Blush
Eyes: Mark No Place To Run eyeliner in White Hot, winged out the corners with Avon Glimmersticks in Emerald, Lined bottom waterline with Avon LiquiGlide Glimmersticks in Brown
Lips: Mark Glossblossom

Monday, July 18, 2011

NOTD 7/18/11: Pretty Pastels

I did half of my nails with Sephora's Teeny Bikini and the other half with Sally Hanson Mint Sorbet (because I'd run out of Teeny Bikini).  Then I finished them off with Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter.

Peach/Coral Powder Blush Comparison Swatches

Top To Bottom:
Benefit Boxed Powder Coralista
Mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush Chica
Tarte Amazonian Clay BlushTipsy
MAC Powder Blush My Highland Honey
Mark Good Glowing Blush Sun Love Glo

As you all can see, Mark's Chica is the most true coral out of all of these, and MAC's My Highland Honey is the most true peach.  (These are not all of my coral/peach blushes.  I did not include my 3 Bare Minerals blushes.)

Top To Bottom: MAC Mighty Aphrodite (Peach Side), Mighty Aphrodite Pink Side, Benefit Coralista, Tarte Cheek Stain Tipsy, Nars Taj Mahal

Top To Bottom:
NARS Taj Mahal, Make Up Forever HD Blush #14, MAC Blushcreme Lilicent, NARS Multiple Tint Turks & Caicos, Stila Convertible Color Gladiola

NARS Taj Mahal is not a peach or corola it is a true vibrant shimmering burnt orange.  It's extremely pigmented.  I'm showing this because it's in the same warm color family as the others.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Simple Dressy Look

I wore this outfit to church this morning.  This look was pretty much effortless and fairly simple.  I paired  black cropped dressed pants that had pleating on the thighs with a basic soft cotton turquoise scoop neck t-shirt.  I threw on some green faux-croc sandals that had a small heel to finish off the look.  All that you need to recreate this look are cropped dress pants (perfect for the warmer days left of summer), a basic plain cotton t-shirt or blouse (to dress things up a bit more), and your favorite pair of open toe heels.  The heels add some length of your legs.  If you want to still keep your look casual, skip the blouse and go with a simple shirt like I did.

Shirt: The Limited (I have one in pale yellow too.  This basic shirts are perfect for layering under a cardigan.) 
Cropped Pants: Express (Recently picked this up on clearance at Express, and received an extra 30% off the clearance price.  This were only $11.99, which was a huge steal for these pants!!)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (I've had these shoes for YEARS, since sometime mid-high school.  I don't even remember exactly when I got this.  However, I've never worn them very often.  They are not the most comfortable shoes, but they are fashionable & I love the color.  I guess I can sacrifice comfort for fashion once in a while! ;) 

For Makeup, I wore:
 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer in Medium to Olive 60
 MAC Mineralize Blush in Feeling Flush (from Semi Precious).  (I received a compliment on this blush!).  
MARK Mini Mark It Stick For Eyes in  Marina & Avon Supershock MAX Mascara in Black
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MAC Foundation Run Down & Swatches

I've tried quite a few foundations from MAC so far.  My first "foundation" was the MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Dark, that I purchased at a MAC counter in Fall 2009.  I had recently become a new mom, and I really hadn't worn foundation up until then.  (Didn't even wear any for prom!)  I was first sold the Studio Fix Fluid, which I returned before I even left the store, because after showing my gram who was with me, we decided it was too much coverage.  I went back and was recommended the Studio Moisture tint.  I wore if for my daughter's baptism and to other special occasions, as well as occasionally to my collage classes (when I felt like looking polished).  I've since tried a few of the other foundations from MAC, so I thought I'd give a run down on them. 

MAC Studio Moisture Tint: $29.50 (1.3oz)
This is a nice product.  It gives nice light coverage and does a great job at evening out skin tone.  However, if your skin is dry, this is not a super moisturizing product (even though it's called a "moisture" tint).  This would work well for oily skinned ladies who want to try a tinted moisturizer without looking like an oil-slick by the end of the day. When the color became too dark for me this past winter, I had repurchased in medium and swapped dark out.  Medium worked very well for winter, but when it came summer, it became too light (swapped it out again).  In my opinion, this tinted moisturizer is nice, but it's not the BEST on the market. I prefer the Tarte Smooth Operator.  However, this one did not break me out or irritate my sensitive skin, and I appreciate that.  This is not water friendly.  If you are wearing this to the beach or pool and get splashed, it will wipe off your face & smear (happened to me & I looked a hot mess).  If I ever purchase this again, I would get the Medium-Dark.  (Since I no longer have this, I can't swatch it.) Overall, I always had good results with this and could count on this product to give me a nice, natural polished face. B+

MAC Pro Longwear SPF 15: $29.50 (1oz)
This is one that I did not purchase but sampled at the MAC counter.  The closest MAC counter is about an hour away, and I don't get over there often.  I had wanted to try this based on the rave reviews and the high review from Temptalia, and when I was in the area where there was a MAC, I asked to be matched for this.  I would trust that the MA would match me better than I could match myself online, but no! I was matched to NC35 and given a sample.  When I wore the sample, it looked okay in the house, but when I was out in public, I realized it was WAYY too light along the jaw line.  I looked like I had sunblock on.  I was so embarrassed.  I recently tried a sample of this in NC40, and it's a better match. The consistency reminds me a little of the Revlon Colorstay (*but I prefer the Colorstay to this*).  When I wore it out on a warm day, it felt uncomfortable on my face by mid-day.  (I never experienced that with the Colorstay.)  This is supposed to be long-lasting, and it did last me all day & night until I removed it.  It is a decent, but the consistency is not my favorite. This is medium coverage (buildable). This did not break out my sensitive skin, so that's a plus.  Overall, it's a good foundation (it does what it claims to do), but it's nothing exceptional that you can't find at the drugstore for a better price.  B

MAC Face & Body: $32.50 (4oz)
First of all, this is only available to Pro stores or on MAC's website (where I purchased it).  There shades are different from the other foundations.  There aren't as many shades, and the shades are N (cool) or C (warm).  This is very sheer, and since it's so sheer, it wouldn't make a difference if you ordered a shade a little too light or too dark.  It will blend out nicely. The shades fit a range of skin colors.  I wore C3 in the cooler months, and I wear C4 now in the summertime when I am the most tan.  I am NC40/42.  I know NC35's who have worn C4 as well.  I've seen ladies lighter and darker than me wearing C4.  A lot of the complaints that I've read about this are that it doesn't cover anything.  It doesn't claim to be medium or full coverage.  It is a sheer coverage foundation.  It evens skin tone & gives skin a nice glow to it. I've gotten compliments when i wear this.  I usually apply one layer and let it dry, then apply a second layer for my desired coverage.  This does have a scent to it (can't put my finger on it), but it does go away after application.  The one con that I find with this is that on a hot, humid day, this tends to feel a bit sticky halfway through the day.  It does photograph well.  If can be set with a powder for added coverage.  (I actually like the Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun overtop of this for a nice bronzy glow.)  I consider this a step up from a tinted moisturizer.  I don't recommend this if you want more than sheer coverage. This did not break out or irritate my sensitive skin, so that's a plus. The other plus is that you get A LOT of bang for your buck. You get FOUR fluid oz for $32.50 (traditional foundations you get 1 fl oz).  B+

Studio Fix Fluid: $26.50 (1oz)
I actually received this in a swap on Makeupalley.  I've heard A LOT about this foundation, and A LOT of mixed reviews.  A lot of gurus that I follow swear by this stuff.  There are also many people who have broken out from this.  Since I had tried the Pro Longwear, Face & Body, & the Studio Moisture Tint and hadn't broken out from those, I thought that I'd be okay with this one.  This first time that I wore this, I had no issues with it.  The coverage was flawless yet natural.  My face looked flawless, but I didn't look like I was made up.  (Sometimes my trusty Revlon Colorstay can look "made up" if I apply too much.  You have to be careful with that one.)  I didn't experience any breakouts, so I thought this was a winner. I didn't use it for the rest of the week, because I had no occasion where I needed full coverage.  (In my opinion, Colorstay covers much better than this does.)  I tried this again two weeks ago, and this time, I didn't have such great results.  Not even two hours after I applied this, my face had already started breaking out.  The blemishes were small, but I had about 4 new ones that had appeared on my face.  I immediately washed this off and never touched it again.  I can't say that I want to chance this again and risk breaking out on the spot. It's a shame because the color match was so perfect. (Not cool if I were to go out somewhere wearing this.)  I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.  This did work well with controlling oil (my skin is slightly oily in the summer).  I HIGHLY recommend getting a sample of this before purchasing it.    C

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish: $29.50 (1oz)
I recently received a sample of this.  I did a swap on Makeupalley, and the wonderful lady that I swapped with is a MA at MAC.  She got me a sample of this in NC42.  (According to the MA I chatted with, this runs lighter than the Studio Fix Fluid.)  I like mineralize foundations in liquid form, and this caught my eye.  I've actually seen this be compared to Revlon Photoready.  (It is said to have some shimmer to it, which I wanted.)  MAC describes this as a low to medium buildable coverage, with Vitamins C & E.  This is recommended for normal to dry skintones and is said to be long-lasting.  Now this MAC foundation doesn't get as much hype or press as the other foundations, but I can say that I really like it.  I like the consistency.  It's not flat like the Pro Longwear.  It's almost like sort of a creamy gel consistency, if that makes sense.  It is lightweight and blends very easily.  It is LIGHT coverage, in my opinion.  If you are looking for medium to full coverage, this isn't for you.  This gives nice, natural everyday coverage, but it's not going to give the flawless full coverage finish like the Studio Fix Fluid.  Now my skin is dry in the winter and oily in the t-zone right now in the summer.  This didn't slide off or make my skin even more oily, which is a plus.  I did notice very fine shimmer when I swatched this on my wrist, but that was not noticeable at all when this was on my face.  Overall, I really like this foundation, and I would purchase the full size.  I like that this comes with a pump, that's a huge plus.  This didn't irritate my skin or break me out, which is also a plus.  It's worth trying out if you are looking for that "dewy" glowy look and want light, natural coverage.  B+

(with flash)
Top To Bottom:
Pro Longwear SPF 15 NC40
Pro Longwear SPF 15 NC35
Mineralize Satinfinish NC42
Studio Fix Fluid NC40

Face & Body C4 (not blended on back of wrist)

Face & Body C4 (blended on the back of wrist) 
(This blends in beautifully and naturally.)

FASHION FILES: 7/16/11 Dressing Up Denim Shorts

Tank Top: Miley & Max (Walmart)  $1 (purchased last summer)
The sequined bow adds some simple glamour to this basic black soft cotton tank.
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters $13.99 (received extra 30% off clearance last night!)

Lazy Saturday Day FOTD

I went with no makeup to the YMCA this morning for Parent/Tot swim with my 2 year old.  After I got home, I decided to put a little bit of minimal makeup on just to make myself feel more alive.  This simple look is suitable for running errands, just lounging around with friends/significant other, or even for school.

Face: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (Medium-Olive 60) SPF20
You can use any tinted moisturizer or light foundation of your choice to achieve this look.  I recommend something with a decent amount of SPF (15/20 or more if you are going to be in the sun all day) in the summertime.  It's been really hot here lately, so tinted moisturizers are a great option.  (When taking wearing something with a decent amount of SPF, before of the dreaded "white cast" if you are going to be taking flash photography.  The Neutrogena doesn't give as much of a white cast as other products that I've used.)
Eyes: MAC Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow (from To The Beach Summer '10 collection)
There again, you can achieve this look by applying any eyeshadow of your choice.  I chose this bright yellow/green shade because I thought it was perfect for summer.  Since the lips are going to be minimal, you can play up your eyes with a pop of color.
Lips: MAC Lustreglass Flashmode (I believe this shade has been discontinued. I purchased it in 2009).  
For this look, we are going to focus on glossy, yet natural colored lips.  Mark's Glossblossom would be a great choice or a clear gloss would work well too, to enhance your lips' natural pigmentation.  The shade that I used is a very sheer pink shade with shimmers.  There is not much pigment to the gloss at all.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Haul: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer

I went to the huge WalMart by my work office (an hour away) today.  The beauty department was huge. There were two rows of products, just like the 2 Walmarts in my nearest towns, but these rows had four aisles completely filled with products that I'd never even seen at my Walmart.  They had the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse, that I've been dying to try, but the shade that I wanted (medium-deep) was completely sold out.  They had every other shade in stock too, including deepest.  My next Walmart/Target trip, I will be purchasing the Covergirl Natureluxe Mousse mascara.  I skipped on it this time, because I still  am trying to use up my Avon Supershock Max & Maybelline Great Lash.  I did pick up the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer tinted moisturizer.  I wanted to go to Target and get the Sonia Kashuk one that I've heard and read so many rave reviews on, but I never made it to there today.  Maybe next weekend, I'll try it out.  

I've read some pretty good reviews on the Healthy Skin Enhancer (not quite as good as the Sonia one though).  I decided to give it was try.  It was $10.23 for 1fl oz, a decent price.  Neutrogena is one of the moderate/higher priced drugstore brands.  It contains SPF 20 & is oil-free and comes in a super-hygenic pump.  I love the packaging.  This does smell like sunscreen.  The consistency is moisturizing but not overly so and not greasy at all.  It actually has somewhat of a matte finish to it.  So far, I've only swatched it on my hand and the back of my wrist and along my jawline, but from what I can tell so far, it doesn't feel heavy at all.  The one negative thing that I've found is the shade range.  This comes in 6 shades.  I have medium-olive, which is the darkest shade, and it matches perfectly.  (For reference I'm NC40 in MAC SFF, NC42 in Mineralize Satinfinish & C4 in Face&Body.)  For anyone darker than me, this product isn't going to work well for them.  I think that medium-olive would work for up to NC43.  The thing that I don't like about Neutrogena is poor color range.  They need to expand their colors to fit more skintones.  (With Gabrielle Union as one of their models, you'd think they would have shades of makeup to fit people with her skintone.) 

(my hands are quite a bit darker than my face, but i wanted you guys to get a good idea of how the product looks.)  *not blended*

This blends quite nicely & has a nice glow to it. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mark Glossblossom: My New FAVORITE Lipgloss Of All Time

Me Wearing Glossblossom by Mark (along with MAC Feeling Flush mineralize blush from Semi Precious, MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo Pink Split, & Avon Supershock MAX mascara in Black). 

I've had the Mark Glossblossom lipgloss for quite some time now.  I can't remember the exact date that I became an Avon/Mark rep, but I know it was early spring.  I actually had purchased this from one of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube (katlongoria) from her online Avon store.   I haven't heard much about Mark products until I discovered her videos on youtube and realized how amazing Mark was. I had only used this less than a handful of times before it got lost in one of my purses.  (I have a bad habit of leaving things in my purses, and then when I change my purse, I don't clear the old one out.)  I actually forgot about this lipgloss for a while, until I saw in on sale in a new Mark magalog and was considering purchasing it again (because it was only $2.99).  That's when I decided to raid my purses and low and behold, I found it again.  I've been using it religiously ever since (everyday for the past 2 weeks).  

What does it do?  
*ripening lip tint* "gradually devlops into a perfect-for-you pink shade, which sticks around after the high-gloss finish wears off" 
Basically, it turns from a super glossy clear shade to a gorgeous glossy pink a few seconds after it touches your lips.  It is just like Smashbox's Famous O-Gloss, except the O-Gloss retails for $24 and the Mark Glossblossom was about $6 (on sale for $2.99).  Sadly, I just read in the Mark Magalong 8 (C16/17) that this will be discontinued (it's listed as a good-bye product).  Stock up now while it's still  available

I've tried Smashbox's O-Plump (just like O-Gloss except it plumps your lips), and I'm not impress with it.  The shade is nice and the concept is cool, but I like the Mark Glossblossom so much better.  I like SUPER glossy lips, and I love that this gloss gives me that without it being sticky (Estee Lauder lipglosses are notorious for being sticky).  

*Affordable* Haul Coming Soon!!

Shopping Time: Look Beautiful for Less

I'm on the hunt for some good drugstore makeup.  I'm a mascara fiend!! & I NEED to try Covergirl's new Natureluxe Mousse mascara.  It was in my shopping buggy last time I was at Target (10% off too!), but I was responsibly and put it back.  (Only purchased necessities that day.)  However, since I do get paid tomorrow, I think I deserve to treat myself, aside from bills. (*blah!*)  & Since I don't want to spend a ton of money on high-end products (Sephora is not far from my office at work....but Walmart is literally RIGHT behind it! So I'll hold back from a Sephora spree...), I figure I can score some goodies for less at Walmart & Target.  So Natureluxe Mousse mascara is a MUST have.  (Right now my current favorites are Avon's new Supershock MAX & Maybelline's Great Lash, but I'm always wanting to try new mascaras.  The big lashes, the better!).

Another thing that I'd like to try is a new tinted moisturizer.  (Tarte Smooth Operator: I STILL LOVE YOU!! but I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.)  Two drugstore ones that I've heard about are the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer & the Sonia Kashuk Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (which I've eyed up EVERY single time that I've gone to Target).  I've heard pretty good reviews about both of these products (more so the Sonia Kashuk).  Her products are said to be made literally right next to the products that are sold in Dept stores.  The quality is supposed to be amazing.  I really like her lip crayons; that's the only thing I've tried from her line.  I've heard EXCELLENT things about her tinted moisturizer, and it's worth a shot.  I believe it's around $12.99-$14.99.  I'm not 100% sure.

Some drugstore foundations that I'd like to try are the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse (I LOVE the Colorstay liquid foundation), Revlon PhotoReady, and Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless (I've been eyeing this one up for almost a year now.  It's super pricey for the drugstore though.)  I'm also interested in trying the Simply Ageless Sculpting blush too (as everyone know's I'm a blush "collector").  (Another item that I once had in my buggy but ended up putting back.)  I may be trying Mark's Face Xpert foundation with Campaign 15 (goes in on Monday).  After an EPIC Fail with the Avon Magix Cashmere foundation...I'm willing to give Mark a chance because I've been happy with Mark foundations in the past.

Expect some sort of a haul tomorrow.  I'm sure it will be a small one.  Not sure what I'll be picking up yet, but there will be reviews coming Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q&A: Getting to Know Me (Top 5's): Pt 1 Fashion/Beauty

Top 5 Favorite Places To Shop:
1.) Express
2.) The Limited (thank god for my limited credit card!)
3.) American Eagle Outfitters
4.) Urban Outfitters 
5.) Target (I have a favorite pair of jeans there & super cute cropped pants! love the clothes that I've found at Target & yay! for their awesome accessories!)

Trends That I will NEVER get sick of (& will rock no matter if they are in or out of style):
1.) Bell Bottomed Jeans (the wider flare right below the knee, the better)-- Love the 70's vintaged style ones.
2.) BIG Sunglasses
3.) Wedge Heels (surprisingly they are easy to walk in & don't hurt as much as regular heels/stilettos) 
4.) High-Waisted Pencil Skirts w/Button Down Blouse Tucked In-- classic look & dressy yet sexy at the same time. 
5.) Big Hoop Earrings-- Used to rock the HUGE GOLD hoops all the time in high school & college...I usually don't rotate my earrings often because a lot of my old hoops have broken, but I'll be grabbing some new pair soon. I will never get tired of large hoops, especially gold ones. 

Top 5 Must Have Beauty Products: 
1.) Lipgloss (preferably my Mark Glossblossom)
2.) Mascara (in the darkest black shade possible)
3.) Blush (I'm a blush fiend...I prefer is over bronzer. I wear different shades of blush: peach, coral, pinks, berry, even lavender, but I gravitate towards Peaches/Corals for an everyday look.  MAC My Highland Honey, Mark Chica, & Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy are all favorite shades of mine.)
4.) Good Concealer (Maybelline FIT! Me Concealer is my favorite right now.  My all time favorite was the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer which is sadly discontinued.  That stuff was AMAZING.)
5.) Body Splash (I don't like a heavy perfume; I prefer a lighter body splash.  My favorites are Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction, Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit, & Avon Naturals Blackberry Vanilla) 

*Top 5 Blushes*:
1.) Mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush Chica
2.) MAC My Highland Honey powder blush (Holiday 2010)
3.) Amazonian Clay Blush Tipsy
4.) MAC Blushcreme Lilicent
5.) NARS Multiple Tint Turks & Caicos

*Top 5 Lip Products*:
1.) Mark Glossblossom lipgloss
2.) Revlon Colorburst lipstick Soft Nude
3.) MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick
4.) Tarte Lipsurgance Lipstain Charmed
5.) Bonnie Bell Liquid Lipsmacker Dr Pepper (red) 

*Top 5 Foundations/Bases*:
1.) Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer Agent 12
2.) Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (Combo/Oily) 330 Natural Tan
3.) NARS Sheer Glow Liquid Foundation Stromboli & Barcelona
4.) Avon Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation Pure Beige
5.) Mark Speedway Do Everything Makeup Stick (cream to powder stick) Natural

*5 Deserted Island Products*:
1.) Mark Glossblossom lipgloss
2.) Maybelline Great Lash *waterproof* mascara in Blackest Black 
3.) Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer
4.) Mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush in Chica (& my small blush brush from my LA minerals collection if I could throw it in).
5.) Avon On Duty Clear Product Roll On Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant -- The BEST deodorant I've ever tried (& I've tried A LOT in my lifetime.).  The only thing that keeps my underarms dry in extreme heat.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Things Girly: Top 6 Beauty Favs!

Things that I'm loving right now:

1. Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit Collection- (grabbed 2 body wash, a body lotion, and body splash during the Semi Annual Sale.  That is the only time that The Pink Grapefruit collection is sold in the stores.  It's exclusively online all year long.)  I'm absolutely LOVING the sent and the body wash is amazing!! I can't use the body wash without the matching lotion and a spritz of the splash!  Not too sweet where it's sickening but just sweet enough.  Perfect summer sent! (P.S. Grapefruit is my favorite fruit!)

2. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (Combo/Oily)- I've been loving this lately.  My skin hasn't been behaving it's best lately.  This foundation never fails me.  It covers like a dream, without feeling heavy.  It controls oil very well (my skin is oily in the summer, super dry in winter. Revlon makes a version of this for dry skin as well.).  This looks flawless, yet natural (if you don't use too much! a LITTLE goes a long way.  This stuff can be easy to overdo.  So use a light hand.).

3. Avon Supershock MAX Mascara (black)-  MY FAVORITE mascara ever!! This packs even more punch than the original Supershock.  Just one coat of this stuff is powerful.  (My lashes are on the shorter side, unlike my daughter who has super long gorgeous lashes!).  After 3-4 coats, my lashes look super glam & dramatic (just the way I like).  This stuff gives my lashes a nice curl that lasts all day and really volumizes them.  (I have an article on this mascara so check it out!).  I've tried Diorshow mascara (super expensive) and Maybelline Falsies (that's supposed to give that False Lash effect), and they do not compare to this at all.  I personally LOVE the false lash look, without the false lashes.  This stuff gives me exactly what I want.  (& I got it for super cheap in the Avon Demo Book at $2.34! STEAL!).  All I need is a few coats of this on my eyes & I'm good!

4. Mark Glossblossom- I've been using this stuff ALL of the time.  I've been wearing it everyday lately.  I've had it for a while, since before I even became an Avon rep.  I actually had misplaced it and found it again.  (Was actually going to order it again until I found it!)  I love how this really does change my clear to a perfect shade of pink.  The pigmentation is amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how glossy this is, without being sticky!  My favorite lipgloss of all time. I hope Mark keeps this around forever.  (I've tried the Smashbox O Gloss & the Mark One is so much better.)

5.  Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver Nail Polish (Justin Beiber Collection)- No I am not a Beiber fanatic.  I do think he has a nice voice, but he has nothing to do with why I purchased this nail polish.  The color caught my eye.  I do have Mint Sorbet by Sally Hanson (more mint-green) and Teeny Bikini by Sephora Collection (similar to Mint Sorbet but less sheer).  The My Lifesaver is a more blue-based minty green color (while the other 2 mentioned are more on the green side).  MLS is more of a light turquoise shade.  It's really gorgeous.  It goes on kind of sheer at first, but it's buildable.  I usually go with 2 coats.  This applies so smoothly and dries easily (OPI has amazing quality).  Lasts long too with no top coat.  I've been wearing this on my toes all the time, and rotating it between Leotard Optional from OPI (gorgeous pinky/nude shade) on my finger nails.  DEFINITELY a SUMMER STAPLE for me!! I'll probably continue to wear this all throughout the rest of summer.

6. MARK Good Glowing Mosaic Blush in Chica- I'd been wanting to try out a Mark blush for a while now.  I've been selling Avon/Mark for quite some time now, but I just recently picked up 2 Mark Blushes in Campaign 14 (Chica & Sun Love Glo).  (Go check out my swatches & review on them!)  Chica is the PERFECT shade of coral and has a gorgeous (not overpowering at all) shimmer to it making it the PERFECT summer blush.  The pigmentation is amazing and the texture is really smooth & blends like a dream!  I usually don't wear the same blush all the time.  I like to change things up and wear different shades each day, but I've been reaching for this particular shade almost everyday that I wear blush.  I am in love with the shade & the texture! This just may be the 1st product that I hit pan with!

P.S. I was only supposed to have a top 5, but I just had to add on one more.  Hope everyone enjoyed! :)

Shop my Avon/Mark Store for goodies!

Teen Mom 2 Rambles & Jersey Shore!

So, I just finished watching Teen Mom.  As much as I should really stop watching, this show is addicting.  I've been watching these girls since they were on 16 & Pregnant.  I remember being a brand new mom & watching Farrah's episode!  I think everyone's got the idea about teen pregnancy and how tough it is. These girls are barely teens anymore. Maci is 19 I believe and I'm pretty sure Farrah is 19 too. She mentioned being 18 last season. Amber is 19. I'm not sure how old Caitynn is.  I know she was younger than the other girls.  She just got her own apt, so I'd assume she's 18.  Point is, they are not going to be "teens" much longer, and I'm wondering how many years MTV will continue to follow them on the camera...until they are 25...30!  Honestly, these girls have been in the media A LOT.  I'm sure it's stressful and not good for the kids to be in front of the cameras all the time.  All of the press (especially negative) has been affecting Amber Portwood, as she's been in the media so often and being bashed!  She recently attempted to commit suicide, and that hit the press quickly! She was in the hospital for 72 hours watch for that, and then she recently checked into rehab for depression.  I'm sure all of the media, bad press, and negative comments from viewers have not helped her situation much since the show has come out.  I read where she regrets being on the show, and I don't blame her at all.  I think it made things worse for her.  I am really glad she's getting the help that she needs.  After tonight's episode, the way that her anger issues were out of control (her brother even called her out on her bad mouth), in front of Leah, was awful.  The girl was out of control, and I truly think that she doesn't want to be that way.  She just clearly has issues and needs help.  Gary is a saint for putting up with her. He is such a great dad to Leah, and he's been so supportive with Amber in her time in the hospital and rehab.  He's on #teamamber.  Honestly, I think it would be in the best interest of Amber's (& her mental health), Gary, and Leah is leave the show.  Atleast take a break from it for awhile.  Maybe that will help with things.

On a lighter note, I'm glad to see Farrah acting more like a mom this season.  She's matured a lot.  I mentioned that I've watched these girls season 16 & Pregnant premiered, and I often wonder what ever happened to the other 2 girls Whitney & Ebony and their families.  I wonder how their babies are.  I can't say that I blame them for not signing on for Teen Mom.  The privacy that comes along with staying out of the media has probably had a positive effect on their relationships and their children.  I am ready for a Season 2 of Teen Mom 2 already though.  I think I liked that season more than the original.  So curious to see what happens with Leah & Corey, Jenelle, Kail, & Chelsea (especially Leah & Corey!).  Ahhh how addictive this show is...just like Jersey Shore- my other guilty pleasure (so pointless yet addictive. i can't miss an episode...need my Vinny & Pauly D fix!).  By the way, Jersey Shore will be back August 4th, and they will be in Italy.  I also heard of 2 following Pauly D & his DJ career and another following BFFs Snooki & Jenni & their lives outside of the store.  A Season 5 in Seaside has been confirmed as well. Looks like I'll be glued to the TV on Tuesdays & Thursdays for a very long time!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Flares have been showing up everywhere this season & I absolutely love them.  As a matter of fact, I haven't been able to find a pair of flares that flare out big enough for my liking.  I love the 70s style vintage super flares, however, the only ones that I've found and have a big enough flare for my liking are well over $100 from Seven jeans. (That is not in my budget right now.)  I picked up with white flares from Express that were on clearance.  I believe they were $31.99 with the extra 20% off.  They are stretch material but do not stretch out to the point where they aren't wearable (unlike some jeans).  I really like them and wish they had more colors to choose from.  White is hard to keep clean.  I paired these white jeans with a white ruffled button down blouse that I picked up from The Limited last summer.  It still looks good as new.  My shoes are brown wedge sandals that have white polka dots from AE.  I got them several years ago but haven't worn them much.

White on white is wearable.  White jeans are the easiest white item to pair with a white top.  The great thing about white on white is ACCESSORIZING! You can pair bold bright solid colors or prints with white.  A bright colored belt would have looked perfect with this outfit.  Be creative!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fashion: Bargain Beauty

Shirt: $3.99 Gabriel Brothers
Pants: $9.99 Target
Entire Outfit: $13.98 STEAL!

TiTi's Outfit: 
Shirt: Disney Tangled Walmart
Shorts: Crazy 8 $5.99 
My Baby Is A Natural At Modeling! (takes after her mama!) :)