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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mark Good Glowing Blush Review: Chica & Sun Love Glo

                                  (Sun Love Glo)                                                (Chica)

I have been curious to try one of Mark's blushes for a while (since I am an Avon rep & get access to the Mark Trend Insiders).  I have heard great things about these blushes, but I couldn't decide on which color to get (wanted them all!).  Honestly, you can grab THREE Mark blushes for $24, which is less than the price of ONE Nars Blush ($27!).  I was debating between Sun Love Glo, Chica, Hush Baby, Love Rush & After Glo, but I ended up with Sun Love Glo & Chica.  They are both GORGEOUS.  Sun Love Glo is pretty matte, while Chica has a gorgeous shimmer (not glittery) sheen to it.

I was really impressed with the pigmentation when I tried Sun Love Glo on.  It's not overly pigmented like Nars blushes to the point where it's hard to control & you end up wasting product because you need to wipe it off.  Sun Love Glo adds that perfect peachy summery glow to my cheeks.  It has nice pigmentation and a smooth, easy to blend texture.  I really like it.  I haven't tried Chica on the cheeks yet, so I'll be posting about that one later and how it looks on the cheeks.  Sun Love Glo is a regular Good Glowing Blush, while Chica is a Mosaic one (& you get a blend of various shades).

Here's a swatch of them both without flash:
Left to Right: Chica, Sun Love Glo (from what I can tell on the swatch on the back of my hand, Chica looks more of a straight color *which I love* than Sun Love Glo, which looks more pinkish coral.

Here's a picture with flash:
Left to Right: Sun Love Glow (doesn't look that washed out in person I promise) & Chica

Both of these blushes are $8. You have to pay separately for a compact to put it in.  There are new Snap To It compacts with full mirrors coming in the Mark fall magalog 9 (campaign 18 & 19).  They look really nice.  Get your Good Glowing blush now @ my store

P.S. There's some AWESOME new fashion & beauty items coming for Fall 2011 in Magalog 9! I'll keep you guys posted. :)

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