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Saturday, July 16, 2011

MAC Foundation Run Down & Swatches

I've tried quite a few foundations from MAC so far.  My first "foundation" was the MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Dark, that I purchased at a MAC counter in Fall 2009.  I had recently become a new mom, and I really hadn't worn foundation up until then.  (Didn't even wear any for prom!)  I was first sold the Studio Fix Fluid, which I returned before I even left the store, because after showing my gram who was with me, we decided it was too much coverage.  I went back and was recommended the Studio Moisture tint.  I wore if for my daughter's baptism and to other special occasions, as well as occasionally to my collage classes (when I felt like looking polished).  I've since tried a few of the other foundations from MAC, so I thought I'd give a run down on them. 

MAC Studio Moisture Tint: $29.50 (1.3oz)
This is a nice product.  It gives nice light coverage and does a great job at evening out skin tone.  However, if your skin is dry, this is not a super moisturizing product (even though it's called a "moisture" tint).  This would work well for oily skinned ladies who want to try a tinted moisturizer without looking like an oil-slick by the end of the day. When the color became too dark for me this past winter, I had repurchased in medium and swapped dark out.  Medium worked very well for winter, but when it came summer, it became too light (swapped it out again).  In my opinion, this tinted moisturizer is nice, but it's not the BEST on the market. I prefer the Tarte Smooth Operator.  However, this one did not break me out or irritate my sensitive skin, and I appreciate that.  This is not water friendly.  If you are wearing this to the beach or pool and get splashed, it will wipe off your face & smear (happened to me & I looked a hot mess).  If I ever purchase this again, I would get the Medium-Dark.  (Since I no longer have this, I can't swatch it.) Overall, I always had good results with this and could count on this product to give me a nice, natural polished face. B+

MAC Pro Longwear SPF 15: $29.50 (1oz)
This is one that I did not purchase but sampled at the MAC counter.  The closest MAC counter is about an hour away, and I don't get over there often.  I had wanted to try this based on the rave reviews and the high review from Temptalia, and when I was in the area where there was a MAC, I asked to be matched for this.  I would trust that the MA would match me better than I could match myself online, but no! I was matched to NC35 and given a sample.  When I wore the sample, it looked okay in the house, but when I was out in public, I realized it was WAYY too light along the jaw line.  I looked like I had sunblock on.  I was so embarrassed.  I recently tried a sample of this in NC40, and it's a better match. The consistency reminds me a little of the Revlon Colorstay (*but I prefer the Colorstay to this*).  When I wore it out on a warm day, it felt uncomfortable on my face by mid-day.  (I never experienced that with the Colorstay.)  This is supposed to be long-lasting, and it did last me all day & night until I removed it.  It is a decent, but the consistency is not my favorite. This is medium coverage (buildable). This did not break out my sensitive skin, so that's a plus.  Overall, it's a good foundation (it does what it claims to do), but it's nothing exceptional that you can't find at the drugstore for a better price.  B

MAC Face & Body: $32.50 (4oz)
First of all, this is only available to Pro stores or on MAC's website (where I purchased it).  There shades are different from the other foundations.  There aren't as many shades, and the shades are N (cool) or C (warm).  This is very sheer, and since it's so sheer, it wouldn't make a difference if you ordered a shade a little too light or too dark.  It will blend out nicely. The shades fit a range of skin colors.  I wore C3 in the cooler months, and I wear C4 now in the summertime when I am the most tan.  I am NC40/42.  I know NC35's who have worn C4 as well.  I've seen ladies lighter and darker than me wearing C4.  A lot of the complaints that I've read about this are that it doesn't cover anything.  It doesn't claim to be medium or full coverage.  It is a sheer coverage foundation.  It evens skin tone & gives skin a nice glow to it. I've gotten compliments when i wear this.  I usually apply one layer and let it dry, then apply a second layer for my desired coverage.  This does have a scent to it (can't put my finger on it), but it does go away after application.  The one con that I find with this is that on a hot, humid day, this tends to feel a bit sticky halfway through the day.  It does photograph well.  If can be set with a powder for added coverage.  (I actually like the Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun overtop of this for a nice bronzy glow.)  I consider this a step up from a tinted moisturizer.  I don't recommend this if you want more than sheer coverage. This did not break out or irritate my sensitive skin, so that's a plus. The other plus is that you get A LOT of bang for your buck. You get FOUR fluid oz for $32.50 (traditional foundations you get 1 fl oz).  B+

Studio Fix Fluid: $26.50 (1oz)
I actually received this in a swap on Makeupalley.  I've heard A LOT about this foundation, and A LOT of mixed reviews.  A lot of gurus that I follow swear by this stuff.  There are also many people who have broken out from this.  Since I had tried the Pro Longwear, Face & Body, & the Studio Moisture Tint and hadn't broken out from those, I thought that I'd be okay with this one.  This first time that I wore this, I had no issues with it.  The coverage was flawless yet natural.  My face looked flawless, but I didn't look like I was made up.  (Sometimes my trusty Revlon Colorstay can look "made up" if I apply too much.  You have to be careful with that one.)  I didn't experience any breakouts, so I thought this was a winner. I didn't use it for the rest of the week, because I had no occasion where I needed full coverage.  (In my opinion, Colorstay covers much better than this does.)  I tried this again two weeks ago, and this time, I didn't have such great results.  Not even two hours after I applied this, my face had already started breaking out.  The blemishes were small, but I had about 4 new ones that had appeared on my face.  I immediately washed this off and never touched it again.  I can't say that I want to chance this again and risk breaking out on the spot. It's a shame because the color match was so perfect. (Not cool if I were to go out somewhere wearing this.)  I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.  This did work well with controlling oil (my skin is slightly oily in the summer).  I HIGHLY recommend getting a sample of this before purchasing it.    C

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish: $29.50 (1oz)
I recently received a sample of this.  I did a swap on Makeupalley, and the wonderful lady that I swapped with is a MA at MAC.  She got me a sample of this in NC42.  (According to the MA I chatted with, this runs lighter than the Studio Fix Fluid.)  I like mineralize foundations in liquid form, and this caught my eye.  I've actually seen this be compared to Revlon Photoready.  (It is said to have some shimmer to it, which I wanted.)  MAC describes this as a low to medium buildable coverage, with Vitamins C & E.  This is recommended for normal to dry skintones and is said to be long-lasting.  Now this MAC foundation doesn't get as much hype or press as the other foundations, but I can say that I really like it.  I like the consistency.  It's not flat like the Pro Longwear.  It's almost like sort of a creamy gel consistency, if that makes sense.  It is lightweight and blends very easily.  It is LIGHT coverage, in my opinion.  If you are looking for medium to full coverage, this isn't for you.  This gives nice, natural everyday coverage, but it's not going to give the flawless full coverage finish like the Studio Fix Fluid.  Now my skin is dry in the winter and oily in the t-zone right now in the summer.  This didn't slide off or make my skin even more oily, which is a plus.  I did notice very fine shimmer when I swatched this on my wrist, but that was not noticeable at all when this was on my face.  Overall, I really like this foundation, and I would purchase the full size.  I like that this comes with a pump, that's a huge plus.  This didn't irritate my skin or break me out, which is also a plus.  It's worth trying out if you are looking for that "dewy" glowy look and want light, natural coverage.  B+

(with flash)
Top To Bottom:
Pro Longwear SPF 15 NC40
Pro Longwear SPF 15 NC35
Mineralize Satinfinish NC42
Studio Fix Fluid NC40

Face & Body C4 (not blended on back of wrist)

Face & Body C4 (blended on the back of wrist) 
(This blends in beautifully and naturally.)

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