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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mark Glossblossom: My New FAVORITE Lipgloss Of All Time

Me Wearing Glossblossom by Mark (along with MAC Feeling Flush mineralize blush from Semi Precious, MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo Pink Split, & Avon Supershock MAX mascara in Black). 

I've had the Mark Glossblossom lipgloss for quite some time now.  I can't remember the exact date that I became an Avon/Mark rep, but I know it was early spring.  I actually had purchased this from one of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube (katlongoria) from her online Avon store.   I haven't heard much about Mark products until I discovered her videos on youtube and realized how amazing Mark was. I had only used this less than a handful of times before it got lost in one of my purses.  (I have a bad habit of leaving things in my purses, and then when I change my purse, I don't clear the old one out.)  I actually forgot about this lipgloss for a while, until I saw in on sale in a new Mark magalog and was considering purchasing it again (because it was only $2.99).  That's when I decided to raid my purses and low and behold, I found it again.  I've been using it religiously ever since (everyday for the past 2 weeks).  

What does it do?  
*ripening lip tint* "gradually devlops into a perfect-for-you pink shade, which sticks around after the high-gloss finish wears off" 
Basically, it turns from a super glossy clear shade to a gorgeous glossy pink a few seconds after it touches your lips.  It is just like Smashbox's Famous O-Gloss, except the O-Gloss retails for $24 and the Mark Glossblossom was about $6 (on sale for $2.99).  Sadly, I just read in the Mark Magalong 8 (C16/17) that this will be discontinued (it's listed as a good-bye product).  Stock up now while it's still  available

I've tried Smashbox's O-Plump (just like O-Gloss except it plumps your lips), and I'm not impress with it.  The shade is nice and the concept is cool, but I like the Mark Glossblossom so much better.  I like SUPER glossy lips, and I love that this gloss gives me that without it being sticky (Estee Lauder lipglosses are notorious for being sticky).  

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