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Friday, July 8, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Blush: Feeling Flush

This is the only thing that I picked up from the Semi Precious collection so far.  I wanted an MSF but wasn't sure which color to get.  I was on a budget (until today when I got paid), so I only grabbed one of these blushes.  I really LOVE the texture and consistency of this blush.  It isn't powdery like the other Mineralize blushes that I own from MAC (Hang Loose from In The Groove, Sakura & Giggly from Quite Cute), and it's not frosty either.  The texture is so smooth and easy to blend.  My favorite blush from MAC so far.  Feeling Flush is quite pigmented.  It's A LOT easier to blend than Full Fuchsia.  Both blushes are pigmented and along similar color lines, but Full Fuchsia is easier to OVER DO!  It doesn't blend as smoothly and easily as Feeling Flush.  I'm in love with the texture of Feeling Flush.  The first time I applied it, I did overdo it and have to wipe some off.  This would look amazing on deeper skintones.  I just may go back & grab either Pressed Amber or Warmth of Coral, because I like a more neutral blush for everyday use.  Overall I'm very happy that I purchased this.

Retail: $23
Availability: Limited Edition! *Get it while you can!* - This particular color is sold out on MAC's official website.  Try your local MAC Counters.  It's also still available at Macy's & Nordstrom's websites.