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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1st Impressions & Comparison: Garnier Skin Review BB Cream *Oil Free*

                   (me wearing the oil free version on Sunday *my 25th bday!*)

I tried out a sample of the original version in medium/deep first and wore it all day and all night on Saturday.  I really liked the lasting powder (lasted all day and night), finish (natural finish-"my skin only better look"), and the fact that it had great oil control (didn't have to blot at all all day or night).  My skin is sensitive, and the original didn't break me out. 

I had purchase this in the oil free formula in the same shade and tried it out Sunday and Monday.  The oil free version is said to help control oil and is for combination/oily skin.  Believe it or not, the original version controlled oil better for me than the oil free version made for oily skin! I had to blot my t-zone about once when I wore this on Sunday (did not use a powder to set this that day).  On Monday, when I wore this to work, I set it with MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, and I had to blot my face 3 times! (Not happy about that!)  I feel like the original version had better oil control for me personally.  (Everyone's skin is different.)  Also, I feel like the oil free version may have broken me out (would have though that the oil free would have been better for my skin!).  My skin is still acting up after I stopped using it (used the NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer yesterday and today).  My skin is a little better today though.  I can not say for sure if it was the oil free version that was breaking me out.  I have sensitive skin and was also breaking out in small hives (which I think is from eating too much grapefruit for the past week).  I did cut the grapefruit out and didn't have any today, which I think may have helped.  I will try the oil free again in the future to see if it was really breaking me out. However, I think that I'm going to purchase the original version because I liked the finish and how it performed better than the oil free. 

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  1. update 2/24/13- i tried the oil free again on friday. i had a small blemish on my face, and after about an hour of applying this, the blemish was worse and the entire area around it was red. i feel like this irritated my skin & this was what was breaking me out- not the grapefruit. ashame because i love the color match & the finish was perfect (the original runs darker). i will be returning this. i have been using the original and i love it.