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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Olay Shine,Shine Go Away Cleanser & Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion Review


I saw these new Olay Fresh Effects products at Target, and the cute packaging caught my eye.  It's fun and youthful.  I've been loving the sample of the Clinique Foaming Rinse Off Cleanser that my aunt gave me (free gift with her Clinique purchase), but I'm almost out of the sample and didn't want to shell out $20 for a full sized tube of it.  I'm thrifty when it comes to skincare products.  I usually go with Clean & Clear, Purpose, Cetaphil, Noxema, etc (drugstore products).  The most expensive skincare products that I've tried were Benefit (which were sent to me for free) and a Boscia moisturizer (which was amazing and a gift).  I like to look for good deal when it comes to cleansers, and honestly, I don't usually moisturize.  

My skin has been combo/oily lately.  It's also sensitive (always has been).  My forehead and cheeks are dry and my t-zone has been oily.  I've had to blot sometimes several times a day in my t-zone (hate doing that).  The Shine, Shine Go Away really caught my eye because it's suppose to minimize shine.  Sometimes, the Purpose cleanser, that I often use, can dry out my skin.  This stuff is a creamy formula, as opposed to the liquid formula of Purpose, so I figured that this wouldn't be so drying.  The Shine, Shine Go Away cleanser can be used as a mask or regular cleanser.  It's foaming.  My skin feels very clean and soft when I use this, and not drying at all.  Doesn't feel greasy at all or leave a residue like some cleansers can.  I used this last night, and I only had to blot one time today.  So far I really like this cleanser.

I know I mentioned that I don't usually moisturize my face, but I know that I should.  I moisturize my body after a bath or shower, so why not moisturize my face after I wash it?! I'm not getting any younger, and I know I look younger than what I am and want to keep my skin looking soft and youthful.  I don't like heavy moisturizers.  Sometimes they can be too moisturizing or feel greasy.  This Fresh Effects moisturizer is definitely not your mother and grandmother's Olay!  I have used the original Olay Complete moisturizer and also the sensitive skin formulas.  The original Olay moisturizer (that's been around for YEARS) is a lot more moisturizing and a lot thicker than the Fresh Effects.  The Olay Complete is definitely more of a night moisturizer, and I recommend that one for dry skin.  However, since I have combo skin, I want something more lightweight.  I don't want a heavy moisturizer or something that feels greasy.  (Although, the Olay Complete never felt greasy on me; it was a lot more moisturizing than the Fresh Effects.) I really love how lightweight the Fresh Effects moisturizer is.  It reminds me of the Benefit Triple Moisture Emulsion (which I really loved when I sampled it, but didn't love the price!).  A lightweight moisturizer is just what I need for my skin type. I used this before bed after cleansing with the Shine, Shine Go Away.  This made my skin feel refreshed and moisturized, without feeling greasy.  I love it! This would be a great daytime moisturizer as well!  

I feel like this line is great for younger skin or for combo/oily skin types! It is pricer than the regular Olay products.  The Olay Complete lotion is around $7.99-$8.99.  The Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture is $12.99 at Target & $14.99 at (worth the splurge!), and the Shine,Shine Go Away cleanser is $5.99 at Target & $7.99 at  This line also has an exfoliating cleanser and a BB Cream as well.  Definitely worth checking out! 

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