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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Avon Super Shock Max Mascara *first impressions*

I just received my Avon/Mark Campaign 13 items in the mail today.  I actually didn't earn anything from this campaign, because I had spent so much. (*shame on me!*)  I am going to do some major cutting back in the upcoming campaigns so that I can actually make a profit.  But anyways, I decided to try Avon's brand new mascara that was in the Demo 15 book called Super Shock Max.  Avon already has Super Shock mascara, which has had excellent reviews.  My mom actually has it, and she has very fine, light lashes.  The Super Shock works wonders on her lashes.  They are so dark and long with the Super Shock--it's amazing!  The reason why I tried this wasn't because I needed another mascara (I'm already in love with Maybelline Great Lash in the pink tube).  It was because of the super low price.  I purchased it for around $2.36, and I couldn't pass that deal up.  Besides, I wanted to see what all the Super Shock hype was all about.  This is currently retailing for $5.99 in Campaign 15 (orders go in July 18), and it will be retailing for $9.00 after that.

First Impressions:  Nice, Trending Packaging-- Comes in an electric blue tube with silver letters. The tube is quite large, and it does have a large wand (similar to the DiorShow wand).  However, the bristles are not bulky or hard to work with (I was scared at first).  They have kind of like a zig-zag effect, and they are very fine.

*Love at First Try*-- I LOVE this mascara.  With one coat, my lashes are noticeably longer and have a nice curl to them.  They still look natural, but they make my eyes pop.  However, I applied another coat after the first coat had tried, and WHOA! My lashes where super dramatic-- in a GOOD way.  I'm pleasantly surprised. I love a nice curl to my lashes, and I like my lashes to be as long as possible (without having to use falsies).  With another coat, I think that I would have the false lash effect that I desire.  This completely trumps the Maybelline Falsies Mascara hands down.  & This is easier to apply than the DiorShow (which I used to swear by.  i think i only swore by it just to justify the price and because I had it in blue and the color payoff was great.).  I had no clumps or mess with this mascara and no trouble at all applying it.  *Mascara beginners-- This is great for you!!*I still love my Maybelline Great Lashes because I like the liquidy consistency, and how it's easy to build up.  However, I will definitely be using this one A LOT.  I'm really impressed by Avon.

*Highly recommend this mascara for a nice curled lash that holds up. I suggest that if interested, you purchased this during Campaign 15 while it is $5.99.  (We are still on C14 right now, but C15 brochures are currently available.)

A+ Product

Please Note-- This is not advertised as waterproof. Not sure if Avon will be releasing a waterproof version in the future.  (Currently selling Campaign 14 items, but contact me if you're interested in trying this! :)

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