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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Revlon Lip Butter: Review & Swatches

I have been wanting to try these since I first heard about them on Youtube, watching the rave reviews & read about them on beauty blogs.  My area is just now getting these in stock.  Last Sunday, I went to Target & they had limited stock.  I picked up Tutti Fruitti.  I had originally only wanted Strawberry Shortcake, but they were sold out.  I went back to Target last night, and they still hadn't restocked.  This time they only had about 3 of the Lip Butters left.  I picked up the last Cotton Candy.  Today, I went to Rite Aid to get some last minute Christmas candy, and ofcourse, I had to browse the makeup isles.  I noticed a large display of the Revlon Lip Butters over by the perfumes, with EVERY color in stock!  Definitely felt like Christmas to me.  I picked up Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake, & Sugar Plum. So far, Berry Smoothie & Sugar Plum are my favorites.  I've gotten quite a few compliments on the Tutti Fruitti that I've been wearing to work daily.  Tutti Fruitti is the MOST pigmented out of the ones that I own.  It's extremely buildable, and it's the most gorgeous wearable orange shade on the lips!  These are worth the hype!

5/5= A+

Tutti Fruitti

Berry Smoothie

Sugar Plum

 Strawberry Shortcake

Cotton Candy

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