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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Peach Kiss

($2.99 at Target & around the same price at Walmart.  This was $3 & some change at Rite Aid, where I purchased it & got 20% with my Wellness Card)

I've been curious to try these for awhile.  These new lip balm products seems to big the big rage lately.  Revlon has their Lip Butters, that still aren't sold where I live.  I also saw a similar product o the Lip Butters by L'Oreal when I was in Rite Aid.  I had been wanting to try the Baby Lips in Peach Kiss for quite some time, but that shade is ALWAYS sold out at Walmart.  I happened to find it last night at Rite Aid and couldn't beat the price.  I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  

First Impressions: 
I really LOVE this lip balm.  The Peach Kiss shade isn't pigmented at all.  It looks like my natural lip color, only glossier.  This shade does have shimmer to it, while the others do not.  I would like to try the Pink Punch & Cherry Me, as they do look more pigmented from the swatches that I've seen online.  These are VERY moisturizing.  They have a glossy feel, without being sticky.  I find that my Avon Satin Satisfaction lip color, which normal applies splotchy & is drying, applies smoothly when I have the Baby Lips on first.  I also like how this looks alone.  If you have dry lips, like I do in the Winter, pick these up! You will LOVE them. These are very affordable & really do make your lips baby soft. 



  1. i've heard so many positive things about this lip balm! i really want to get one too, and i think i'll start with peach kiss as well. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. This lip balm is amazing!! It makes my lips soo moisturized & these are super affordable. You will love Peach Kiss! :-)

  3. Hmm, I've actually never heard of this before. But it sounds really great! Thanks for the review. :D

    I remember when my mom would always buy cream puffs from Costco. They would be gone in minutes! These looks so delicious, not even kidding. It's making me want some right now.

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  4. i LOVE the peach kiss. i have amassed a teeny tiny collection but this shade is impossible to find (actually, they all are, as both local targets are always sold out of baby lips). i love love love this lip balm.


  5. I have cherry me and peppermint and I love them! Cherry me gives a nice hint of red color to my lips, almost like i ate cherry water ice but not as bight. I'm jealous you have peach kiss. I want that and pink punch next! Cute little blog you have here, I'm your newest follower!