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Friday, December 23, 2011

Covergirl & Olay Tone & Rehab Foundation 1st Impressions

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter Cotton Candy

Shade 160 Classic Tan (for reference I'm NC40 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid & NC42 in MAC Mineralize Satin Finish/NW35 in Pro Longwear)

I just purchased this tonight from Target & I had to wipe my current makeup on & apply this as soon as I got home.  This is the only store that I've been able to find this in.  I don't necessarily NEED another foundation, as I have quite a few & I have 3 HGs that I rotate (MUFE Face & Body is my #1, then MAC Mineralize SatinFinish & MAC MatchMaster).  However, I can never resist something new.  I chose this over the new Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam.  

First Impressions:
This stuff smells really good.  It has a built in primer.  The packaging is nice & sanitary with the pump.  This blends out like a dream- No Pesky Foundation Lines with This Stuff (& as much as I love my MAC Mineralize Satinfinish, I did have one of those lines today when I got to work & had to blend out like crazy with my MARK Speedway Stick.)  My skin is dry right now, as it is Winter.  I get really dry flakes around my nose, and my forehead gets dry.  This stuff did not cling to my dry patches as all.  It applies so smoothly and blended right in. 
So far, I really like how this applies and looks. 
I'm going to have to try it out over the next few days in order to get a full review on this.  Based on first impressions, this stuff is pretty darn good.  
It's very lightweight & moisturizing, and I don't find it greasy at all. 
Recommendations: Normal to Dry Skin & Mature Skin Would Love This.

Cons: Price
This is $13.99 at Target, which is pricy for Covergirl.  However, their Covergirl & Olay line is more expensive than their regular line to begin with.  This isn't quite as expensive as high-end brands though.  You get 1fl oz. Not too expensive, but not as affordable as Covergirl's other foundations. 

Coverage: Light to Medium/ Natural Finish

*After about 2 hrs, I'm still happy with how this looks.  It looks like my skin only better.  It doesn't look like I have foundation on (which is a good thing), but my skin tone is evened out and polished and has a nice glow to it*

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