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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Make Up Forever Face & Body Review (vs MAC Face & Body)

MUFE Face & Body #34 Set With MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun (VV Edition)
Cheeks: Stila Custom Color Blush, Mark Flip For It Fall '11 Palette Cheek Color
Eyes: Mark Mini Mark It Stick Marina
Lips: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 Lipstick

I finally got my hands on this foundation in a swap on MakeUpAlley.  I actually swapped out my MAC Face & Body (C4) for this.  I received a half full bottle of the #32 (old packaging- no pump) and a pretty full bottle of the #34 (honey beige) (newer packaging with pump).  This is so sheer that both colors work, but I've been loving the way that that #34 looks, so I've been using that one.  The #32 has a more yellow undertone.  The #34 has beige undertones, which is perfect for me.  Let me start off my saying this completely TRUMPS the MAC version of the Face & Body.  I've read/heard that in many reviews/comparisons, but I can honestly say for myself that is so true.  The MAC version is cheaper.  You do get more bang for your buck.  You get 4oz for #32.50 (i believe), which is a great deal beings that you only get 1oz with most foundations.  The MUFE is #38 for 1oz.  However, the formula is much better and more comfortable to wear, in my opinion.  They are both sheer and liquidy, but the MUFE is more gel based and easier to work with.  It doesn't need to "dry down" in order to be layered.  The MAC does have to dry before you can layer it (for best results).  Both are buildable, but I find that you get a bit more coverage with the MUFE.  I feel like it builds up pretty well.  It looks just like your real skin only better- polished and fresh.  The MAC is definitely waterproof; I've worn it underwater.  The MUFE is said to be waterproof as well, but I've yet to test that out.  

In my opinion, the MAC version had a pleasant, citrusy scent to it.  The MUFE has a fragrance as well.  It's more of a rosy fragrance, but it goes away when you apply it.  I have sensitive skin, and neither one affected my skin in a negative way.  Though I did get more blemishes with the MAC than with the MUFE. 

The MAC felt sticky halfway through the day, when I wore it.  I've read in other reviews that others have felt it to be sticky as well.  Not a good feeling, especially on a hot day, which is a shame because this would be perfect for Summer.  The MUFE is not sticky at all.  You can't even feel it on your skin, and it holds up all day long.  It doesn't get oily or greasy either.  For me, the MAC made my skin look shiny mid-day, even when set with power, and it definitely made my skin more oily than it was.  I had to blot several times when I wore it.  I don't have that issue with the MUFE.  I like to set it with the MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun.  I love how natural and fresh it looks with that powder over top.  

Overall, I LOVE this foundation, and I would definitely purchase it if the bottle I have runs out.  It's the best foundation I've tried so far.  A lot of the foundations I've tried lately have made me look too made up and have been too heavy and cakey looking.  This wasn't.  It didn't clean to my dry patches or make me oily.  It looked so natural.  Now, if you want/need heavier coverage, you won't like this.  If you want light to medium coverage that looks like your real skin only better, you will love this. 


P.S. This is said to be waterproof.  I suggest removing it with makeup remover before you cleanse your face, so you don't clog your pores.  I use MAC's Cleanse Off Oil, but there are other options out there.