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Sunday, November 6, 2011

MAC Counter Rant/Great Sephora Experience

I usually order my MAC stuff online, because the closest counter is about an hour away.  I was excited to be going to an actual counter, but boy was I disappointed. I had a bad experience at the MAC counter at South Hills Village Mall (Pittsburgh, PA), and this wasn't the first time.  I've been reading and watching youtube videos about other people's bad experiences with snotty MAC artists, so this must be a common thing.  At this particular counter, the MUA's are stuck up and rude and act like they don't want to be bothered, every time I go there.  I was looking around for a while and was completely ignored.  (I know A LOT about MAC.  I keep up on the collections and know more than the MUA's think.)  I had to ask for help, and the MUA acted like she didn't want to be bothered.  I actually picked up a Fluidline and a False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara, but I ended up returning it that same day, because of how disgusted I was with my treatment at MAC and the attitude of their employees.  I will continue to buy MAC products online, with the free shipping codes, without the hassle of dealing with the stuck up MUA's.

After my bad experience at MAC, I went down to the large Sephora store, where I haven't been in ages, and got to play around with some fragrances and makeup.  My 2 1/2 yr old was putting on powder and playing with the makeup too lol.  The beauty consultants were all so nice and helpful.  They actually asked if I needed anything, unlike at MAC.  One consultant in particular was really sweet and helpful.  She tried NARS Desire blush on me, but we both decided it was just too bright on me.  Then she tried on Penny Lane cream blush by NARS on my cheeks and applied Laguna bronzer around my forehead, chin and nose and contoured my cheekbones with it.  The results were AMAZING.  I love the combo of those two products.  I should have picked up Penny Lane while I was there, but I figured I'd order it online after payday.  When I got to Sephora's website, Penny Lane wasn't on there.  None of the cream blushes were.  Strange- because they are at the store.  (I'll be ordering from with their 20% off this week!)  The consultant wasn't pushy or mad that I didn't purchase anything, and we had a chat about how we wished that particular Sephora carried Illamasqua products.  (The closest one that does is in Washington,DC about 3 hrs away!).  I tried out various fragrances, and I will purchasing the full size of Benefit's Garden of Good and Eva.  (I tried it out before, and I loved it. Carmella is nice too.)  The Betsey Johnson smells awful, in my opinion.

I actually had fun browsing makeup, and I had good self-restraint by not buying anything.  LOL  However, I will not be returning to that MAC counter, until they get some nice MUAS!

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