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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fragrance Haul: Snooki & VS Incredible

Snooki by Nicole Polizzi EDP & Victoria's Secret Incredible Body Mist

I purchased the Snooki perfume the night it premiered on HSN with the flex play. (2 payments of $22.50).  This fragrance retails for $45 and is currently available from  (It's currently sold out on HSN.)  My perfume came with a really huge white, grey, and black leopard print tote bag, and it's a decent size too.  I think it's a great deal.  (Snooki was also selling purses, slippers, crocadilly, & sunglasses on HSN.  There were still purses available last time that I checked their site.)  This fragrance smells sooo amazing! Snooki received a lot of hate for coming out with her own fragrance.  A lot of people were saying that it would probably smell like alcohol, pickles, or sex!  It smells really really nice.  I'm very picky about fragrances.  (Recently returned the VS Gorgeous because I couldn't smell it at all. It was too faint, especially for the price!)  The Snooki smells so fruity, but not overly fruity or sickening sweet.  I can definitely smell the kiwi notes in it.  It has a tropical smell to it.  It feel that it's appropriate for daytime or nighttime and for all days (just as she had created it for).  So happy I purchased this.  (I was nervous about ordering something that I hadn't smelled before after my bad experience with the VS Gorgeous.)  Highly recommend this fragrance, especially for Holiday gifts! 

I exchanged my VS Gorgeous fragrance (small perfume & lotion set) for the Incredible body mist.  The VS body mists are on the expensive side, $25, but what isn't expensive at Victoria's Secret?! That's expected.  I'm glad I got the mist over the EDP because this is a strong scent for a body mist.  I actually overdid it the first 2 times that I wore this. This has a sexy fragrance.  You only need a spritz of it on your wrist and neck.  I would recommend this for nighttime use more so that daytime.  You can get alway with applying more at night.  This is feminine and sexy, but not overly girly.  Highly recommend this body mist as well.

A+ on both products!

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