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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jabot Cosmetics Lipgloss Duos

Jabot Cosmetics Come To Life!

I was excited to see that the famous cosmetics line from my favorite show, The Young & The Restless, has finally come to life.  Whoever came up with the idea to bring Jabot to life (off of the small screen) is a sheer genius!  The fact that the quality of these products are amazing is a huge plus too!  I've read such great reviews on the products, and I'm excited to try more.  I'm LOVING the lipgloss, and I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.  

I had originally wanted to pick up the individual duel sided lipgloss, which retails for $15.50, but they were all sold out by the time I had gotten to HSN's website.  I watched the premiere presentation on HSN last week, with Tracy Bregman (Lauren on Y&R).  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I ended up ordering the Lipgloss Duo instead, which is $22.  I was able to purchase this with the Flex Pay.  The duo is actually a steal.  (I later discovered that night on Ulta's website that the single lipgloss was in stock, after I'd already purchased the duo). (If you would purchase each gloss separately, it would cost $31.)  I'm glad I chose the duo, because you save money that way.  I received 2 duel sided lipglosses.  There was a choice of a red shade or a coral.  I chose the red.  I received one gloss that had a red & a nude shade, and another gloss that had a pink & a nude shade.  I've only tried the red & I'm loving it!  The color payoff is great, and the formula is amazing.  It's not sticky, like a lot of lipglosses on the market.  This is supposed to have plumping affects.  This gloss gave my lips a slight gentle tingle when I first applied it, but that quickly went away.  

Me wearing the Red shade of lipgloss.

You can find Jabot's products on and, as well as Ulta stores in the US.  Jabot will go live again with Tracy in October, and I'm sure the Flex pay will be available again.  There are going to be new items out, and possibly a fragrance in the works, for the Holidays & early 2012.  There are a variety of skincare (anti-aging) products currently available, as well as a foundation (that Tracy raved about, and I can't wait to try!), a cream blush stick (in stock on, a concealer/eye highlighter duo, and ofcourse the lipglosses.  I can't wait to see what new items come out for the Holiday season.  Eventually, I'm going to try the foundation & cream blush.  I'll be reviewing those as well.  

I highly recommend trying out the lipgloss if you are curious about Jabot's products and aren't sure what to try.  The lipgloss is AMAZING! (I actually like it better than my MAC Lipglasses.)  These smell great too, kind of like Starburst candy.  If you are just a lipgloss lover in general want a nice gloss with good color payoff, give this a try!  You will not regret it!

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  1. Aww I just did a google image search for Jabot Foundationand your pretty face popped up! :) These glosses look fab! Definitely picking some up.