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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FOTD: 8/3/11 Ft. New Mark/Avon Items

Face: NEW! Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation Medium Beige
Cheeks: Mark Good Glowing Blush Cameo Glow
Eyes: iMark Metallics Truffle & Goldiluxe & Avon Supershock MAX Black Mascara
Lips: Sephora Shimmer Lipgloss Orange Juice

*I'm absolutely LOVING the iMark Metallics shadows.  I've never tried the original iMarks, but I've read some great reviews on them.  The iMark Metallics are AMAZING.  The quality is great.  I've tried MAC eyeshadows, and these are completely TRUMP MAC.  I LOVE shimmery eyeshadows, so these are perfect for me.  I'm excited to try out the other colors that I picked up.  I just now took off my makeup (12:20am), and I applied the shadows around 12pm.  They did not crease or fade one bit.  The colors were still vibrant as ever.  The pigmentation is pretty darn good; I didn't prime my eyes or anything.  I'm most happy about the fact that these didn't crease and held up all day long.  At the end of the night, they looked just as good as they did when they were first applied.  (These are going to hold up for my 8 hr workshifts without fading! Score!)  I'll let you guys know what I think of the other colors.*

*I'm also in LOVE with Cameo Glo.  I had no desire to try this before I ordered the Get It All palette, but I read really high reviews on this on Makeupalley (4.7 out of 5!).  I also saw this on youtube on Markgirlana, and it looked amazing.  Our skintones are similar, and we both wear natural in Mark's foundations.  I LOVE this color.  The above picture does it no justice.  My grandmother even commented that this looks so natural (& she's often tells me that my blush is overdone! I do have a heavy hand with blush lol).  This is a beautiful rosy nude shade that really warms up & brightens my complexion.  The consistency is super smooth and easy to blend, just like the other Mark blushes that I've tried.  It's matte, which is great.  I'm completely satisfied with this blush, and I'm excited to get more use out of it.  It's natural and neutral enough to wear with a variety of eye and lip looks.*

*So far, I'm loving Avon's New Ideal Flawless foundation.  I only have the tiny sample tube, which will give you about 2 uses.  The full 1 fl oz side comes in a bottle with a pump, which is great! I love foundations that have pump.  They are super hygienic and convenient.  I applied this at 12pm and removed it at 12:20am, and this looked just as fresh as it did when I applied it.  This gave me such a natural finish, while still giving amazing coverage.  I LOVE how lightweight it is on the skin.  This blended out seamlessly, like a dream, no caking at all.  I felt like I wasn't wearing anything on my face.  This covers quite well.  I didn't need concealer with this.  It's buildable.  I think I may end up liking this better than the Smooth Minerals Liquid, which I LOVE, because this has a more natural, matte finish and didn't transfer one bit.  (Unfortunately, when I wore Smooth Minerals Liquid 2 days ago, it somehow transferred on the front and sleeve of my blouse!  I didn't notice until I was on my way out to a job interview! Luckily, I still got the job!!)  This one didn't transfer or melt off one bit, and it was just as hot today as it was when I wore the Smooth Minerals.  I LOVE that I didn't need concealer with this.  Medium Beige is the perfect shade for me.  I will most likely be purchasing this in the next campaign.  This is recommended for all skin types, and I think it will work well on most skin types.  I wish the sample size was larger! LOL*

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