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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Covergirl Eye Haul

Lash Blast Fusion- Very Black
Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner- Onyx (these two were sold together in a value pack for $9.99.)
*I was originally going to get the Natureluxe mascara, but that was over $7, and this was a better value.*
Covergirl Intense Shadow Blush Blue Bomb

I've only tried the mascara & eyeliner so far, and I love them both.  The mascara isn't as volumizing as the Avon Supershock MAX (which i LOVE), BUT it doesn't clump my lashes (like the Supershock sometimes does).  This really lengthens my lashes and gives the effect of more lashes, because it separates them all.  My lashes really stand out with this on, and it's easy to use on the bottom lashes.  If you want super volume, this isn't going to do it, but it's perfect for everyday use.

I LOVE the eyeliner.  I used this one back in the day.  I love retractable eyeliners.  This is great and really precise.  I'm a newbie to eyeliner, and this one is really easy to use.  I like to use it on the waterline too and add powder around it so it won't smudge or run.  It really works well.  This stays put all day and didn't fade or smear off.  Impressed!

I've yet to try the shadow blast.  Just picked it up lash night at Target (the other items were from Walmart).  I'll let you guys know how I like it!

Happy Tuesday! :)

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