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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

70s Flashback for Spring 2011

70s fashions seem to be turning up a lot for Spring 2011, especially the jeans.  Now, I've been sick of the whole skinny jean trend for quite some time now.  I hated it when it first came out, but then the style kind of grew on me after I discovered jeggings. (I have a couple pair because they are comfortable, but I'm not 100% crazy about the skinny opening around the ankles.)  The skinny jean style is really not flattering on every single body type either.  I've seen my fare share of both gals and guy try to rock them, and it was all types of wrong! I've always loved flares, and flares work absolutely wonders for curvy girls because the flare leg slims the thigh and lengthens the leg.  I started really wanted to rock the bell bottom jeans long before I saw them back in action in the magazines.  I just read an article in Cosmo magazine that was dedicated to flare jeans! I thought to myself "Aha! I thought of this rocking this trend first!" I actually have a pair of flare leggings from Express, and they make my legs look so long. I love them.  I'm also a fan of the 70s fashions as well.  Bell bottoms and flare look great paired with a nice blouse for a polished looked.  The high waisted flare jeans should fit slim through the thighs and look great with a blouse tucked into them.  Add some high heeled boots or clogs to complete your 70s chic look with a modern twist!

 Below are links to some of the 70s inspired jeans that are out for Spring 2011.  Have a look!

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