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Monday, March 14, 2011

3/10/2011 Face of the Night

Face of the Night:

Face: NARS Sheer Glow Barcelona
Cheeks: NARS Taj Mahal Blush with NARS Albatross highlighter overtop
Maybelline (Smashing Seas aqua color) & Hard Candy (Ab Fab pink side) eyeshadow
Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara
Sephora Collection Glitter Liner Gold

 I wore this look for a musical, The King and I, at my alma mater high school.  I was in the musicals for all four of my years in high school, and I had a supporting lead in the musical my senior year.  I wanted to make a good impressions.  I received a few compliments, including one from my old musical director. I've been using the NARS Sheer Glow a lot lately each time that I go out somewhere special, and I wore it on two job interviews.  It photographs really well, and it's really lightweight.  I really like it, but I don't think it's worth the $42 price tag. I think the price should at least be cut in half.  I know a lot of gurus who consider this HG status, but it's not quite there yet for me.  I'm interested in either the MAC Face & Body or the MUFE (Make Up Forever) Face & Body.  I just ordered the MAC one from their website ,because I don't have a Pro store near me (& it's only available online or at the MAC Pro stores).  I'm going to go to my nearest Sephora hopefully this weekend or next weekend for sure and try out the MUFE F&B foundation.  I've heard such rave reviews about those.  Maybe one of those two will be HG status for me.  I really have been loving NARS Taj Mahal blush.  I purchased it awhile back, but I haven't really used it until now.  I had a hard time applying it because it's so pigmented, and I tend to have a heavy hand when applying NARS blushes.  This time, I was able to control it and make it work for me, and I've been using it quite a lot lately.  I love that the color is an orangey/peach shade with absolutely no pink in it (which is hard to find).  It has a really pretty shimmer to it, but it's not obnoxiously shimmer.  It's very subtile and looks natural.  I highly recommend this blush for women of color, particularly deep skintones.  I received the NARS Albatross highlighter is a swap on MAKEUPALLEY, and I really love it.  It wasn't even something that I had every even wanted to try.  The white color in the pan never appealed to me.  I'm glad I tried it.  (I swapped it for my Benetint.  I wasn't really feeling that at all. It made me look feverish.)  Albatross is my favorite highlighter.  It's light on the skin and blends like a dream.  It's so silky and leaves such a gorgeous golden sheen on the face.  I love using it over blushes to tone them now and make my skin glow.  I saw a video on youtube of a women with a very deep chocolate skintone doing a tutorial with Albatross, and it looked so beautiful and amazing on her skin.  I think the Albatross would suit all skintones, both cool and warm.  I highly recommend it if you're looking for an easy to apply highlighter.  It's so much lighter on the skin than the liquid highlighters.  The eyeshadows that I used are by Maybelline and Hard Candy, and I highly recommend them.  Hard Candy makes such great eye products that are super affordable.  (Check them out at Walmart!).  I also highly recommend the Sephora collection glitter eyeliner that I used.  The consistency is really nice and easy to work with.  It leaves amazing shine to the eyes and lasts all day.  It's $12, which is a decent price compared to Too Faced Starry Eyed liner ($17.50) and Urban Decay's Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner ($18).  I've used the Too Faced Starry Eyed liner, and it didn't impress me at all.  It also dried up quickly (maybe I got a dud?!).  The Sephora collection has great pigmentation, and I recommend that one over the more expensive Too Faced liner.  Hope you guys enjoyed my Face of the Night. Have a great week everyone! Stay beautiful!

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