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Friday, November 19, 2010


It's officially Holiday Shopping Season!!! Thanksgiving is next Thursday already, and the day after Thanksgiving sparks the countdown for the Holidays. With Black Friday & Cyber Monday steals and deals around the corner, many of us are making our Christmas lists (wish lists & shopping lists) and planning to do some heavy duty shopping over the next few weeks. Personally, our Bon Ton opens at around 3am on Black Friday....I'd rather be in bed sleeping than camping out at the mall!! Hopefully, there are some good deals on the internet so they we can all shop from the convenience of our own homes (in my case, my comfy bed with my laptop!). So far, I have a few things picked out for the little one. It'll be her 2nd Christmas. I don't believe in overdoing things.  The more they get, the more they expect each year to follow. (Bills are more important than a roomful of gifts people!!)  I don't want to take away from the real meaning of Christmas either.  I do understand though where it is fun for people to stay up all night and go shopping at the crack of dawn. It's tradition for some families to camp out at stores after Thanksgiving dinner, so that they will be the first in the line for the Holiday deals. This tradition has gone on for years and years, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

So....what are your thoughts on Black Friday?? Will you be shopping at home on Cyber Monday?  Are the deals worth the crazy, fighting crowds and tiredness?? Will you be camping out at the crack of dawn to shop or are you one of the unlucky ones who has to be at work at the crack of dawn on Black Friday?  What's on your shopping lists for the Holidays & what would you like in your stockings? ;)

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