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Friday, November 19, 2010

Blush Swatches

Blush Swatches Left To Right:
Tarte Cheek Stain "TEN", Nars Super Orgasm, Nars Taj Mahal, Stila Gladiola

Swatch: Stila Convertible Color Gladiola

                                              Swatch: Tarte Cheek Stain (Mini) "Tipsy"

These 5 blushes all compliment medium to dark skintones nicely. Nars blushes have amazing pigmentation. A little goes a long way, and I feel that Nars blushes are well worth the $26 dollar price tag. They will last a long time because like I mentioned above, a LITTLE goes a LONG Way. It's easy to over do Taj Mahal especially if you tend to apply with a heavy hand like myself. With my Mac Blush (My Highland Honey - Holiday 2010 Collection), I have to apply with a heavy hand for it to even show up on my skin. My Nars blushes I need a very light hand or it will be easily overdone! Kabuki brushes are great for blending these blushes out. I personally use my Ecotools Bamboo Blush Brush ($6.99 Walgreens), but I will be purchasing a kabuki soon as I tend to overdue it if I use more than one tap of Nars. Overall, Nars Blushes are an A+ in my book. You only need one tap and make sure you blow your brush off before applying (light to medium-tan skin). Darker skin tones (may need more than one tap): Nars blushes have amazing pigmentation that will show up nice on women of color! Highly recommend taking a look at the selection from Nars. I really like Super Orgasm (like the famous Nars Orgasm but with Glitter which you can blow off your brush before applying, if you don't want glitter on your face. I feel Super O is more pigmented (atleast on my skintone) than the famous "Orgasm" blush and Taj Mahal (shimmering orange) is a very true orange that has excellent pigment. (All shades of women of color should try an orange blush.  NYX makes a dupe for Taj Mahal, and their brand is very affordable.)  I've seen great reviews on Torrid (which I would like to get someday based on the reviews) which is a shimmering coral, luster (shimmering peach, recommend this for light-light/medium skintones or darker tones with a highlighting effect),Taj Mahal (great reviews espec from women of color), and Exhibit A (great reviews as well espec for women of color. It's a bright red shade.)  Tarte Cheek stains are nice and easy to use. Ten is bright pink and has a very smooth texture. Nice for dry skin. It's creamier than the original gel based Tarte Cheek Stains. Tipsy is a peachy pink gel based stain. It adds just the perfect shimmer (for the "intoxicating glow).  Tipsy is nice for all skintones and is Great for the holidays. Stila Convertible Color in Gladiola is so beautiful. I bought it without getting to see a swatch. It looks very orange in the pan but goes on the skin a perfect peachy/apricot color without the pink (which is exactly what I wanted). The creamy texture is nice for dry skin, and you can use it on your lips as well. I've heard great things about Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera (sheer peachy pink), although I never tried it. It seems like it would be flattering on most skintones (based off of the reviews that I've read).

The blushes pictured above are my top 5 Blush Pics for November (2010).  They are universally flattering colors, and the textures are these are all great.


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