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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mark Got The Goods Foundation Lotion Review

First off, I wasn't 100% sold on this when I first tried it.  Mainly, my opinion was due to the fact that the shade wasn't 100% right for me.  When I first tried it, I was disappointed with the lack of coverage & the fact that in certain areas, you could tell that the foundation wasn't blended out all the way.  The color would be darker in certain patches.  I feel like this foundation runs dark.  For reference, I wear Pure Beige in my Avon foundations, NC40/42 in MAC, & St Moritz in my beloved NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer.  I originally ordered this Mark foundation in the demo book in shade 7 Medium.  I would set it with my beloved MAC Studio Careblend pressed power (Medium/Dark), which gave me more coverage & toned the shade down for a really natural look (perfect for work).  I ordered samples of this foundation in every color with my last order & I tried the shade 6 Light/Medium.  This shade was MUCH better and looked so natural.  I put through for the shade 7 to be exchanged for the shade 6.  I really like this foundation now that I foundation the correct shade & I will definitely repurchase. This is supposed to be good for the skin.  I have sensitive skin, and I can't wear a lot of foundations several days in a row without a reaction.  (There are a few that I can wear with no issues: MAC Matchmaster, Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush, Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab, & NARS Pure Radiant.)  I wore this foundation for 7 days straight, and if anything, my skin improved! *Highly recommend for those with sensitive skin!*

Pros: blends like a dream, makes skin feel soft, has super fruits rich in vitamin C & sources of alpha hydroxy acid, which is a natural exfoliator, & willow bark (to improve firmness & tone), lightweight. The pump on this is great & very sanitary.  I love foundation with a pump.  

Cons: not full coverage- it's buildable to an extent.  (If you set with a powder, you will get more coverage.)  If you're one who prefers more medium to full coverage or a matte finish, this isn't for you.  It's said to give skin a glow (which is does) & to have a dewy finish.  In my opinion, it gives a natural finish.  You're not going to get full coverage with this.  Oily skin make no prefer this.  I would recommend this for normal or dry skin.  (A great Fall/Winter foundation.)  The only other con that I have is the price.  It's $18 for 1.7 fl oz, which isn't bad when you look at the prices of foundations at Sephora & MAC. (hello NARS $42 tinted moisturizer!)  However, for an Avon/Mark foundation, that is on the pricier side.  I think it's worth it though!

*This is also marketed as a "foundation lotion".  It feels more like a tinted moisturizer, which explains the word "lotion" in the title.*

*My opinion on this has changed since my "First Impressions" video on youtube (invincible221).  I really like this foundation & will be wearing it throughout the Fall/Winter months.  

Grade: A - recommend trying this. ask your local rep for a sample or I can hook you up with one if you ask!

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