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Friday, July 6, 2012

New Bronzers: NARS Casino & Mark Bronze Pro "Bronze"

NARS Casino
(fine golden shimmers. more of a red-toned brown bronzer, than Laguna, which is a more golden brown toned bronzer. This is darker than Laguna)

Mark Pro Bronzer *Bronze*
(very fine shimmers, goes on pretty much matte. darkest of all 3 of Mark's bronzers)

Mark Bronze Pro *Bronze*, NARS Casino

My favorite HG Bronzer, up until I tried the NARS Casino, was Tarte's Amazonian Clay Bronzer (formerly the Mineral Bronzer, NOT the Matte Waterproof version) Park Ave Princess.  Casino is my new favorite.  I love love love how easy this blends.  There are less shimmers in Casino than Park Ave Princess.  Don't get me wrong, I still love Park Ave Princess & will still wear it, but Casino is better as an everyday bronzer for me.  Park Ave Princess is something that I will wear when I have a special event or am going out.  With the shimmers being more subtle in Casino, I find myself reaching for it everyday for work, along with a peach or pink blush.  If you're my skintone (MAC NC40/NC42, Matchmaster 5.0 or darker), Casino will be great for you to contour.  This would be amazing on tan to deep skintones.  I personally feel like Laguna would be too light for me to do contour with, but it would be nice for an all over warmth of color. 

Mark Bronze Pro *Bronze* $12 .50 (.32. oz)-
recommend for medium/tan to deep skintones.  This shade would be great for contour.  Comes with a fan brush, but I prefer a bronzer brush (Avon makes a great one!).  Nice convenient compact & great price! The shade Bronze Pro is said to be compatible to NARS Laguna.  Bronze is darker & more matte.  Very minimal shimmer.  The only downside to this, compared to the NARS, is that the NARS tends to blend out easier than the Mark. 

NARS Casino $34 (.28oz)
recommend for medium/tan to deep skintones.  Great for contour.  Nice, sleek compact.  Reminds me of a giant NARS Blush.  nice, smooth fine powder, blends like a dream.  excellent quality.  A little goes a long way.  Worth the price in my opinion.  If you are my skintone or darker, this would be great for you! It's said to be more of a red toned brown bronzer, as opposed to Park Ave Princess or Laguna, which are more golden brown based.  They are different enough to get both!

When I want that extra shimmer, I will continue to use my Tarte Park Ave Princess.  For everyday use, I will use the Mark Bronze Pro or NARS Casino. 

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