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Sunday, February 5, 2012

MAC Studio Moisture Tint Review

I want to start off my saying that this isn't my first time trying this.  I also want to say that this was my first "real" foundation/face product.  I was looking for a foundation at the MAC counter about 3 yrs ago in MACYS, and I was originally recommended & sold one of there fuller coverage foundations.  However, after showing my gram how it looked and asking her advice, I went back & immediately exchanged it.  I told the girl that I wanted something with lighter coverage & she recommended this in the shade Dark.  At that time, I believe this only came in 3 shades (light, medium, & dark) & Dark was the darkest avail.  Now, MAC has expanded their shade range.  This is now avail in 6 shades, ranging from light to dark plus, which is great. This is sheer enough that if you're a little off by a shade, you will be fine. I've worn this in medium as well, and it worked too.  (I'm NC40 for reference in Studio Fix Fluid & NC42 in Mineralize Satinfinish.)  

This is a great starter "foundation" product for younger ladies/gents or those of us who don't want/need a ton of coverage.  I think tinted moisturizers are great for beginners and for every day use.  Tinted moisturizers are usually great for the Summer, when it's extremely hot, and heavy foundations will just melt off.  However, this one in particular isn't 100% "humidity-proof".  With my experiences, this isn't sweat or waterproof at all.  (I'd recommend the MUFE Face & Body for a good Summer foundation, because it's super light & truly is waterproof just like it is marketed as.  That one is great for working out in too, if you still want to look polished at the gym. Tarte's Smooth Operator SPF 20 is a good TM too that doesn't budge easily.)  I wore this in the pool & just barely got my face splashed, and this ran right off.  Also, I was caught in the rain yesterday, and a little bit of this ran off of my forehead.  This isn't something that I'd recommend wearing while working out or being in the hot sun, where you're going to sweat.  This isn't something that doesn't budge.  However, I would recommend this as something to wear for light coverage, to give a nice polished look in the Fall/Winter.  My skin is dry right now, and this stuff doesn't cling to dry patches.  It is moisturizing, but not overly moisturizing or greasy like some tinted moisturizers.  This does a good job of evening skin tone & gives light coverage.  It's not as sheer as Benefit's You Rebel, but it doesn't have as much coverage as Tarte's Smooth Operator, which covers quite well for a TM.  

Ultimately, I ended up swapping out my original tube of this, as well as the medium shade that I tried too.  Not because I didn't like it, but I wanted something that wouldn't budge in hot weather.  I just got my hands on this again in dark, which seems to be working well for me (& lately, I've been liking my foundations to match my neck, more so than my face, which is lighter).  I just tried this again yesterday, and it did a good job of evening out skintone.  It worked well for just going out & running errands, which is exactly what I did, and relaxing around the house.  I've been so used to wearing "light/medium" coverage foundations lately, that it was kind of wearing when I first applied this. I was like "This doesn't really cover anything!".  My "go-to" foundations for work at my Revlon Photoready Airbrush & Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab, which have decent, but not completely "Full" coverage.  They both cover well, but still look natural (medium coverage i'd say).  When I want full coverage, MAC's Matchmaster does the trick for me. The sheerness of the Studio Moisturize tint took a little getting used to, but overall I'm happy with it.  I just wouldn't wear it when I know my face is going to get wet or if I know I'll be sweating.  I'm sure this may stay put a little better if set with a powder, such as the Studio Careblend.  It would probably give more coverage too.  I just didn't set it with anything. 

Overall: B
Younger Girls & Beginners who are just starting to wear makeup
 Those who want light coverage, just enough to even out skintone or a polished look. 
This is also great for guys, who want to even out skintone and want a polished look, without looking like they are wearing any makeup. 

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